People The Sheep, TV The Shepherd?


For as long as I can remember I have been the quintessential TV buff, I could gaze for hours at that box which was not just a means of entertainment to me; it rejuvenated me and made me feel part of something that was just in existence in my fantasy land. It was as therapeutic to me as a session with a psychiatrist was. It filled my lonely hours; it was always there for me when I needed it to be, apart from the rare cases of electricity failure or when the humdrum of exams roared loud.

I have been a TV kid; I have evolved from the old ancient boxes to the flat screen HD versions of televisions. I have been quite proud of the time I shared with that box which was much more special to me than something to be adorned in our drawing room, or much more important than the gravity or the central point of my furniture. Yes, I was proud of the relationship, until recently.

With the advent of Netflix and online buffering of international series, one would wonder it to serve as an ultimate reality check to our Indian TV producers. Most of us TV buffs were hoping that such an evolutionary arrival would force our desi serial-makers to evolve from the normal and mundane saas-bahu drama, a sexist comedy series, or highly dramatized detective and horror shows to something more meaningful or interesting. But, it was all in vain.

It’s a sad and hopeless feeling when you can see a thing that made you survive all this while, sinking like the Titanic.

With globalisation and the final onset of social networking all around the world, there has been a certain tagging towards the cultural and entertaining trend that is astounding to decipher. Different things trend every day, forcing the entertainment-deliverers to choose their content wisely so as to cater to every population. Entertainment moves at the speed of culture, and it has been evolving one byte at a time.

Currently, the world is at the brink of an evolution in terms of television series, from the magnum-opus arrival of Game of Thrones to the addiction of Narcos, from the believable and goosebumby American Horror Story to the improvisation of Steven Spielberg creativity Stranger Things; online buffering and Netflix has a lot to offer.

However, while majority at the expense of technology can devour such creativity, many of those who cannot still have to entertain themselves with naagins, sweet-sour relationship of saas and bahu, the ever-so-sexist husbands and family, Bigg Boss, and of course, the over-the-top ‘discussions’ of Arnab Goswami wherein he imposes viewpoints rather than cultivating them.

We are amidst such shouty and regressive time, aren’t we?

What can be entertaining about a reality series wherein lies fake romances, ugly affairs and deteriorating humanity standards? When the entire world is cribbing about apathy and inhumanity in general, how is watching such a series educational or in the least enjoyable?

Though, these serials dwindle in their TRPs but they never fail to further instigate and nurture the stereotypical and regressive thoughts of our society. Understanding the national expanse of such series, it isn’t shocking that they indeed challenge their viewers as far as idiocy is concerned.

Has the television set finally became was it was cursed to be? Can, in general, the society claim television to be an idiot box?

We have been told that televisions blind the perspectives and shun creativity, looking at our Indian TV series now, all this might be true. A place where stereotypes are perpetuated than shunned, a place where misogyny and sexism is sold in the name of entertainment, a place where romances are faked and relationship are made fun of or worse are used for entertainment or high TRPs; is it not an idiotic place to be at?

After all, watching such content in television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye and purposely fooling your brain in order to get entertained.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Source:

The Viewspaper