People Who Changed the Fate of 2011!

Navy SEAL Team 6: On May2, Navy SEAL Team 6 stormed the compound of Abottabad, in Pakistan, where Osama Bin Laden was hiding! The squad took the world by surprise when they officially declared the end of the most wanted man in the World, Osama Bin Laden! Although post the 9/11 attacks, the terrorist camps all across the World had become very diffuse, the elimination of this strategic head was pivotal in distortion of many more attacks that were lined up in the future!


Aung San Suu Kyi: After years of wilting under house arrest, 66years old, icon of Democracy, was ascended again this year as a broker between the West and the new wave of Army backed leaders trumpeting reforms. Although her full transition into the realm of politics remains to be gauged, she has already succeeded in making the US reconsider their foreign policy vis-à-vis Burma!

Warren Buffett: The multi-billionaire from Nebraska pointed out a million dollar remark as far as the taxes paid by the average man were concerned! Apparently, his secretary paid more taxes than what he did in the previous financial year! He blatantly called the American Congress to be ‘billionaire friendly’!


Kalle Lasn: The long time editor of anti-consumerist magazine Adbuster tapped on the young angry Americans and launched a small stir under the name of ‘Occupy Wall Street’! This was then hash tagged and became a huge revolution that created waves all across the USA and the world!


Anna Hazare: This 76 years old Social Activist became the Country’s face of the anti-corruption agenda. The rampage against the rampant corruption in the Country was met with great support and adoration in the Country! The Movement was not only instrumental in bringing the entire Country together, it also brought about a National consciousness among the people of this country!