Permit ‘Raj’

Raj Thackrey does it again.No this is not about the ludicrous Mumbai-Bombay ‘controversy’. But this time, the yet  another self proclaimed saviour of ‘Marrathi Manoos’ has pushed for a permit system to keep a check on (read ban)migrants to Maharashtra ,specially Mumbai.Now that he is joined by Shiv Sena and B.J.P in the rhetoric,the situation seems poised for a long debate.The fact is Shiv Sena and MNS, both being regional political parties,time and again raise ‘Sanitizing Maharashtra’ issue is not new.And now they want an official passport to meet this end.

These parties argue that the cities of Maharashtra are over-stressed and can’t provide support to people thronging year on year. And so whatever infrastructure and facilities are available would be left to the local people,to use, adding that every state government has a to look after the needs of the locals.Just because the respective State Governments fail in delivering, the locals flock to other states. The argument may seem strong enough to raise an eyebrow but then it appears no more than a childish prattle.

To begin with, if Mumbai or any other city is blessed to be a metro, it wasn’t done in a day.

The long history of trade and commerce  had participants from other states as well, who helped in developing this particular city into what it is today.And likewise,even without taking the developmental history in consideration,every city of India is a National property, with every citizen being the equal stake holder.

It is true that some states are not as developed,but a long history of colonial rule accompanied with skewed social derivatives are to be blamed, if at all. The demographic density is therefore bound to vary among different regions of India. Metros offer a good living standard and are bound to attract people in search of the same.