Pertinent Questions!

For the last two to three months we are witnessing a highly debated political scenario. Anti Corruption Movement (ACM) has swayed the nation, especially the educated youth against the corrupt practices of the Government, the recent success of ACM has largely been for the participation of the educated youth. Fed up of the corruption by these democratically elected ministers [dictators], we participated in the protest against GOI lead by Anna Hazare and accepted Anna as our leader. As the initial euphoria is settling down and the mystery of ACM is unraveling post the formation of the civil society committee, there are few pertinent questions that I am looking for an answer to. I asked myself, what will happen to Anna and teams of good honest men [self appointed], once they fade away in the course of time? Who would be our next self appointed good men? Will there be another committee appointed by the erstwhile good men’s assessment? Will the assessment be fair or out of cronyism? Or will we fall prey to the highly self cherished wisdom of these good men [as the communist, whose wisdom has arrested the Bengal and its youth’s growth]? Will these good men’s decision decide our future? By chance if the new appointed good men follow the path of the government, do we have to follow another team of good men to overhaul the erstwhile good men?

I don’t know if my question has answers or I am conjecturing in the coziness of my mind. Whatever would be the case these questions do have some sagacity and we as the largest community “the youth” of this country deserves an answer.  The good old generation might think of us as immature and restless but we are the future and ours is the future that is at stake and we under no circumstances are going to accept things with our hands on the lips. Since we are the largest stock holders of this country and we are the ones shaping it with our honest efforts in our respective fields we deserve to ask question where everything of our future is concern. I am against corruption and I don’t want any gimmick by any self appointed leaders, I appreciate the effort of those who are putting hard effort to banish corruption but I request them not to arrest our rights in future and please don’t underestimate the intellect of today’s youth.

Ankesh Saha

The author is an Electronics Engineer by education, graduated from National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur. Born and brought up near suburb of Kolkata, he did his schooling there and played district level club cricket. Also involved with theater as child artist, he is currently working as a software engineer in Bangalore. A wandering soul, he wants to experiment with his life.