Pestered Platforms

It’s a rush succumbed and choked outlook, with rats fleeing for food and shelter. There is a colony of cockroaches here and a rally of lizards following them there. A swarm of flies and insects breeding on a rag mugged pit. There is a constant commotion all around as my train chains up at the Kanpur platform. It seems as if the entire swarm of pest territory has conspired to attack the Indian railway platforms. An outburst of people, running to their infinite destinations; everybody passes the same scene without any exclamation; people of our country are used to such a scene, you see.

This article is written with an aim to make the railway platforms more hospitable public places. All changes require an initiative and thus, I want to appeal to our benign travelers to atleast consider a thought. The railway stations are choked by the wastes we dump. We think it is the government’s responsibility to employ cleaners and sweepers for things such as cleaning up the filth.. But, as we always have been gifted with is a short–lived memory, we forget the government is also by the people in a democracy. So as we don’t take a step towards keeping our stations clean, neither does the government. It is indeed our basic civic sense that needs to be revived and practiced in order to avoid bringing shame to our nation. There is are a huge number of tourists who visit India every day – to enjoy its rich heritage and culture. But more often than not, along with that they also take with them memories of pests, filth and a fractured system on the platforms – a common feature country wide.

We as denizens and responsible torch bearers of this heraldry country have no right to make this a dirty and filthy place. The government, as I have always observed, can make efforts only by installing the necessary resources like bins, toilets and karamcharis to ensure that platforms and other public places are clean. But at the end of the day, it is the complaining citizen who needs to take a step back and go ahead and practice what he or she preaches. If there is a bin, please use it. If there is not, keep the trash with yourself for the time being and throw it when you find a dustbin. This is better than making a place, which you know doesn’t get clean, dirtier. After all, the people employed for the cleaning are also humans like you and me.

This was just an example of one of my favorite public places, which i love to hate. Unfortunately, there various other places where the citizens of India are laid back and do not think much about cleanliness and public sanitization. Like I have said before, it is the society which can only heal itself at the end of the day.

Akriti Rastogi

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