Pets are special creatures which offer a different kind of companionship to the entire family. They act as powerful stress busters as living with them and spending time with them relieves all kinds of stress. They form an indispensable part of the family to which they belong and are extremely loving creatures. Children in their company learn to be responsible and sympathetic to the world which makes them wonderful human beings. Keeping a pet leads to a child’s development in all the aspects i.e. mentally, socially and emotionally. The bond which develops between a pet and the family is a very healthy relationship and cannot be understood easily by a family without a pet.

Various Pets

There are numerous animals which can be nurtured as pets the most common being dogs, cats, guiney pigs, fish, rabbits, rats, birds (parrots, pigeons, turkeys, parakeets, ducks, chickens, doves etc) , horses etc. In villages people keep goats, cows, buffaloes, sheep, mules, donkeys and several other animals as pets as they get varied benefits from them like milk, wool etc.

My Pet

I myself have a dog as a pet, and I can clearly say that it is the best thing I have done for myself. My dog is a male Labrador breed and his name is Cujo. He is of cream colour and is 5 years old and he loves to play and swim. We brought him into our home when he was just born, few months old. His presence makes my family complete and joyful. He plays all the time with my younger brother, and is very patient with him too. Cujo is a very silent one, and loves to play with water.

My relation with my pet

My puppy is like a friend to me and I can’t imagine my life without him now. It is like a silent companionship since last 5 years and has made its presence felt all the time. I shout at him, play with him, cry in front of him when I am sad, don’t talk to him when I am upset. My moods fluctuate all the time but he remains stable always like a friend. Cujo completes my day by giving me a sense of happiness and satisfaction when I look at him every time.

Temperamaent of my pet

My dog is extremely loving and fun loving which is necessarily not a guard dog’s bets attributes. He barks at strangers on a protective note but is not very aggressive. He loves to play and is very quite and patient.

Breed Characteristics

The labrador breed is a type of retriever and is the most popular breed all over the world. It has characteristic webbed paws for the purpose of swimming and these dogs are very energetic and active. They are extremely loving, loyal and kind to their master and have originated in Canada. Both male and female Labradors make excellent pets but generally it is observed that the female counterpart is more independent in nature. Further, these are also used by the police for official purposes in the detection process and are very responsive to training.

This breed is generally very dynamic and athletic, loves to play and swim. They want a good dose of exercise every day to disperse their energy and are very peaceful with other animals owing to balanced temper. The Labrador males specifically weigh from 29-42 kg while the female weighs 25-32 kg. They shed their hair twice every year and usually have a water resistant coat of short and straight hair all over the body.

Food Habits

They are known for having a good appetite and it’s difficult to keep them away from food. They are greedy, and it is very important to provide them with a balanced diet with enormous calcium for growth. They must be supplied with good quality dog food, further you can also provide them with vegetables, yoghurt, carrots, rice, pasta, whole meal bread, meat etc.

Pet Care

To avoid certain diseases, the breeder of the puppy should be selected carefully as this breed is prone to some problems like ear infections, hip and elbow dysplasia. The dog’s ears should be checked regularly to eliminate any chances of ear infection and their toe nails should be clipped too. They should be brushed once a week regularly for maintaining hygiene and keeping shedding under control. Further, shampoo should be avoided; rather an oily coat should be applied in order to keep the dirt away.

Suvidha Bhatnagar

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