Pirates of the Caribbean

There is a scene in the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, where a lieutenant turns to Lord Cutler Beckett and asks, “Do you think he plans all this out? Or does he just makes it up as he goes along?” This question underlines the character of Captain Jack Sparrow, the eccentric protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.


The first Pirates movie was released in 2005, and the latest in 2008. The trilogy stars Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, a captain in search of his ship, The Black Pearl. Depp is ably supported by Kiera Knightley and Orlando Bloom along with a cast of stalwarts like Geoffrey Rush, Bill Nighy and Stellen Skarsgard. All three movies have been directed by Gore Verbinsky.


The trilogy follows Jack Sparrow, a seemingly eccentric pirate who wants his ship, the Black Pearl back. In the first movie, Jack must fight his old crew members who have been subjected to an ancient curse, in the second, Davy Jones, while in the third; he goes up against the entire East India Company. All along, he is assisted by Will Turner, the son of his former fellow pirate, Bootstrap Bill Turner and Elizabeth Swann, the girl Will loves. One recurring theme in the trilogy is the possibility of Jack’s redemption, which is clearly illustrated when he is brought back from a fate worse than death by the very people who wanted him gone. In the end, he gives up his dream of immortality so that Will and Elizabeth can be together.


While Jack may be the main character, the plot does not always focus on him. Indeed, there are various subplots, including Will’s mission to get his father back from Davy Jones and the calling of the Brethren Court, a court of all the pirate Lords.


The trilogy is characterized by its endless plot twists and its spectacular special effects. One very memorable scene is in the first movie, when Elizabeth finds out about the curse that has been put on Jack’s former crew. The image of ghastly skeletons, a ghost ship and its ghost crew under a full moon certainly remains long after the movie is over.


Another feature of the trilogy is its attention to costumes and sets. The costumes have been designed with particular attention to the period in which the story is set and the status and situation of each character. The hideout, where the Brethren Court is convened in ‘At World’s End’ is remarkable, for the attention to every minute, intricate detail as well as it’s magnificence on a large scale. One can only imagine how much effort must have been taken to create an entire pirate village. There are several other such instances, which could take up an entire book on their own.


The camera work on all three movies has been fantastic and the lighting is also very good, Effective use of both makes for some spine-chilling moments. The witty, funny, clever dialogue speaks for itself, though credit must go to the actors as well, for making their lines their own.


Pirates have long been held to be terrifying figures, capable of every crime it is possible to commit. While the Pirates trilogy does not deny this fact, it offers an alternative: However evil, malicious or ruthless pirates may be, and no matter the amount of wrong-doing, they sure have a great time doing it.


Neena Abhyankar

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