Planning an Escape

Young India today has an escape plan. At least 75 per cent to 80 per cent of the Indian youth plans to flee abroad at the earliest opportunity. The percentage of transitions abroad from India has been increasing at a very fast rate as opportunities are expanding. The call of the foreign lands has been heard by the minds of millions of youth today. International employment trends are changing and opportunities for diligent Indian youth to work overseas are increasing. Exorbitant amount of Visa applications are piling up in the American and British consulate offices. Indians have a zillion reasons to plan an escape to the overseas.

India is in a developing phase and MNCs are opening their branches across the country. For a country that supports an abnormal increasing population (that stands somewhere around 1.13 billion), opportunities for the citizens are comparatively less. Obviously, it is somewhat impracticable for a developing country to sustain such outrageous population explosion.

“If I am asked which nation had been advanced
in the ancient world in respect of education and
culture then I would say it was – India.”

– Max Muller (German Ideologist)

That was then. To talk about the present, large number of students are getting attracted towards foreign lands for higher education. UK and USA universities continue to attract Indian students and India is second to China as a source of overseas students to these foreign universities. The problem is that Indian universities have a very stereotypical attitude towards education. The syllabuses continue to be the same decade after decade and the education system is more about ‘mugging up chapters’ than logical reasoning. Modern youth understands that to stand in a world that has tremendous competition, it is necessary to stand out and the only reasonable way to stand out among the master degree holders and PhDs is to escape abroad and adopt their process of studying for higher education. Getting scored according to GPA and not percentage basis is not just a trend but an essential requisite for drawing a successful distinction. Students are striving hard to secure internships that can make a difference to their CVs.

Factually, there are numerous opportunities available to students who aspire to study abroad. Taking admission is Oxford, City College London, Harvard University, University of California Berkeley, Stanford University is no longer the “rich brat’s” show. It is actually incredible that students from all walks of life can expect to get the scholarships and interest-free loans that are available to meritorious students. All one needs to do to secure a full funded education scholarship or a partly funded one is to maintain an astounding academic record and be smart and practical enough to choose the accurate subject and correct option. European Union reserves 90 seats for Indian students. The European commission’s Erasmus Mundus program enhances the attractiveness of European higher education world countries. The diversified scholarship and fellowship programmes offered to Indian students take care of most of the funding arena.

Indian migration to overseas is not a recent affair. It has been continuing from centuries. India has been witnessing appalling transitions to foreign lands. This attractiveness of Indian’s towards foreign lands in actually disadvantageous to Indian prospects as India is losing out direfully on the brilliant students and most assiduous work candidates who had preplanned escape routes to the alien lands. It is important to make necessary changes to the Indian education and social system to retain these individuals and actuate their potentials towards the betterment of their motherland. India needs a retention scheme to dissuade the escape plans!

Upasana Mallick

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