Plastic pollution

Nowadays, plastic bag pollution is becoming more harmful than any of the other form of environmental pollution. People are using plastic bags for everything, and wherever we go we can see plastic bags.

We use them in our daily usages. Plastic is used in wall covering, food packaging and medical devices. If we want grocery items, milk packets, we use them and in many shopping malls they are being used enormously. All this harms our environment. Some of us still do not know harmful effects of plastic bags.

Plastic is a non-biodegradable material. Plastic takes nearly 400 years to decompose completely.  Plastic life span is approximately 4 times that of human life span. This will harm our future generation. In order to give good and harmless future to our next generation, we should ban plastic. Why should we wait for law on this issue? As a responsible citizen, we ourselves should not use plastic material in our daily usages.

Effects of plastic

Plastic bags are the most harmful. When we burn them, they infuse the air with toxic gases. If these toxic gases are inhaled by us, there will be harmful effects on our body.

We throw plastic bags in dust bins and in drainages. There are some incidents of hundreds of cows dying in Delhi because they consumed plastic. Cows and dogs mistake these bags as food and eat them along with the food. As this plastic is non-biodegradable and does not digest in their intestines, they face serious respiratory problems and die.

Once plastic is used, it finds its way into our waterways and rivers. These plastic bags harm marine animals. When fish consumes this plastic, its body gets poisonous and when we consume this toxic fish, it affects us. Nearly eight among ten new born babies have measurable level of plastic chemicals in their body.

Also, petrol is used in manufacturing of plastic bags. Recent statistics state that approximately one million plastic bags are used daily and more number of plastic bags are being manufactured daily. Petrol is essential in many ways in our daily life. And also petrol costs are hiking day by day. So, in order to save petrol we should ban plastic.

Ban on plastic

There is rule passed by the governments, not to use plastic bag whose thickness is less than 40 microns. But there is no proper monitoring over this. Plastic is still being used in many places. Strict law should be implemented. We, as individuals, should not wait for a law and instead of using plastic; we should use other sources like tote bags. We should complain to municipality officials, if plastic is being used in any shop. As it is major issue, only law cannot change it.

Kiran Datta