Plea of a Woman

It is heart piercing when from a remote village no sound is heard except for the wailing of a baby who is being drowned in a sea of milk. The only curse of the baby is that she is female. If given a chance to bloom, her life is confined to four walls of her room and she is assigned the duty to baby sit her siblings or work as a house maid. Education is what she is deprived off! Why? Simply because she is meant to do household chores and has to be married when she turns 11 or 12.

In another episode, she lives bereft of love, compassion and in an unknown atmosphere with her spouse. When she has only begun learning the rituals of the new house, she is burnt to death for dowry or household disputes.

These are probably the sagas of rural India. In urban towns and cities they have started to be molested to satisfy the hunger of few males and provide them with pleasure. So, rape cases are high. In other cases they are stalked and killed if the interests are unfulfilled. If the psycho cannot satisfy his lust, he throws acid on the girl’s face publicly.

Recently, what caught my eyes were the bold letters in a newspaper, detailing about the rape of an aged woman in front of her own kids. Isn’t it gruesome and pathetic that where a female minister is in power, 8 cases of molestation have been reported within 48 hours?

We proudly say India is advancing. But before making such statements we should look back at newspapers and television. Can India be at par with other foreign countries, when its female natives are amongst “endangered beings”? When the child sex ratio is declining constantly and women are being left uneducated?
Technologically we might have paced up but to our horror for the worst. The MMS scandals, endorsing pornographic videos online are the evidences of our leap. Today the most elite class goes for sonography tests. If found to be female, the child is aborted without any regret. Why so much criticism for the girl child?

India is a country with staunch beliefs and has a glorious past. It is a country where our morning begins with lighting of a diya in front of a female deity. Its Puran and Vedas date back to an era where the female power destroyed an entire kingdom i.e. of Ravana. Lord shiva is termed as “ardhanareeshwar” i.e. half male and half female because of his love for Parvati Mata.

Despite of such an admirable Indian mythology, today women are being treated as animals. They are debarred from working outside their homes. You might say we are way ahead and statistics may show a large population of females as working, but what does it result in?

Hooliganism and molestation?

Female abuse and exploitation?

However advanced we may have become, safety remains a major issue in our country. They might not be drowned in a sea of milk anymore, but yes they are pushed into a world of embarrassment by playing with their respect.

So after well scrutinizing the recent cases and stats, I stress that in the present century it is important that females are trained in self defense.

Secondly, they should be provided emotional asylum because in maximum cases they fall due to their sensitivity and emotional nature.

NGOs and women associations should be given government aid and their limitations and duties both should be well defined.

As per Kapil Sibal, the education until class tenth should be made mandatory and free of cost for those who cannot afford expensive fees.

In isolated villages and less accessible areas, campaigns indicating the significance of female education should be organized.

Proper laws and security should be provided to show a mirror to bring hell upon the culprits.

Strict punishment and a vigilant administration is the need of the hour.

So, via my article, I urge my comrades to:

Love her who spends her whole life for your one smile

Love her who makes your home a living paradise

And above all,

Love her who bears pain and is responsible for the birth of you, me and I.

Abha Goel