Pocket Door Hardware

Pocket door hardware are basically used in pocket doors and pocket door locks which were highly in demand and popular through to 1800’s to 1900’s. The pocket door hardware slowly started getting replaced by other forms of doors. They were usually used in the Victorian houses where most of the big double doors were used to divide a room into two parts. The reason why the pocket door hardware reached a downfall as the architectural style changed due to which most of the manufacturing companies started incurring heavy losses. During the 20th century, pocket door hardware was mainly found in lumber yards and even that of a very poor quality. The pocket door hardware was seen coming of the walls as their popularity went down even more for the home owners. Thought there were a few companies such as L.E.Johnson and other companies which tried to give the vintage pocket doors a new look and quality by introducing high grade pocket door systems which could easily hold 100 to 300 pound doors. The pocket doors were also advantageous or the old and the handicapped people as they could easily operate the pocket sliding door. This slowly helped people regain their faith in pocket door hardware and was an enthusiastic appeal or the old minded people who believed in antique designing. The advent of better quality pocket door hardware is the reason why the antiquity of the doors still remains.

Various other pocket door manufacturers such as Gruppo Romi, Deltana, Lowes, Emtek, etc are trying really hard to improve and popularize the pocket door hardware for single and double doors. These companies have come up with high quality, folding and sliding pocket doors or both residential and commercial purposes whose designs have evolved majorly over the past years. The installation of Pocket door hardware saves up a lot of space which can be used in dining rooms, kitchens, wardrobes, halls, or just any section of the room which needs to separated from the rest.