Poem – A Day in a Mall

The shutters would have opened just
Keeping staff would be cleaning dust,
Gate keepers would be half awake
when cars would have started queuing at gate.

Welcomed by the aroma
Different fresheners spray,
Too many rhythms into ears
as many a shopkeeper play.

Dazzled by the big banners
Hanging across wall to wall,
Definitely one can’t overlook
When in mall, you take a stroll.

As you keep getting in and out
Of the shops you wanted a glance,
Start losing yourself to that world
of glitterati and flamboyance.

Many wacky incidents would you come across
While sitting in that corner seat of a mall,
Seems to be like a fish market
When the clock is striking 12 o’clock.

A gang of friends is hanging around
Busy doing nothing but word watching,
Or the pair that is bold enough
To walk in the mall fondling with each other.

Soon you happen to see a big fat hen
Trying all the possible sizes she can,
Just in case she looks better in that
to woo her beau to make a comeback.

Your eyes rolling like a lens
Span the nook and cranny of mall,
When your sight fixes at the ball
Who is gulping down fast.

With all the melodies at back end
Rainbow colours blinding your eyes,
You move, move and move
Letting all the shops pass by.

Ah!! You reach that part of town
Which you just wanted to own,
Fast food, desi, chola bathura
wanted Sundaes to move down.

And when you walk out
Besotted by the world inside – that calls,
More ecstatic than you ever were
Beseeched to the world “What a Day in a Mall!!”

Karanvir Gupta

Image Source: [http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_vSh0C0BmyOE/TRMuob_wJdI/AAAAAAAAAP8/cAtjjoeEFrg/s1600/shopping_mall_photo_Tomitheos.jpg]