Poker Tips For Beginners

Been invited to a cards party for the first time? Don’t want to lose the first game you play out there with the pros? Well first, comprehensively study the game which you’re going to play, and then carve down these basic ground rules in your brain before you hit such a party-

1. Always pay attention to the cards on your table

Whether it’s a game of Teen Patti or any other, always pay attention to the cards in your hands. You should know the value of your cards. Do the math, find out which cards may still be out and figure out how you can use your own stack of cards.

2. Always pay attention to other players

You just cannot skip this rule. Always try to understand the other party. Figure out his or her strategy, game plan and understand their patterns. Beginners usually make this mistake by playing till the end to figure out if the opposite is bluffing or not. You might have a decent stack in your hands, but without even having a hint of your opposite’s usual game plan, you may land yourself in a mess. Which might add up in the end. Everyone has their own Poker instincts. They play in a particular manner when they’re bluffing or even when they have a very good stack in their hands. One of my friends always raises the bet to twice by playing blind whenever he has low cards in his stack. So pay attention to other players and the best time for that is when you’ve a good stack in your hands.

3. Don’t bluff just for the sake of bluffing

It’s a great feeling when you win a game by bluffing but it’s important to understand the game as well. Just because you’re playing poker doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve to bluff. Bluffing is an important part of Poker but knowing your own cards is more important. Don’t bluff if you’ve less than a queen six and four in a Teen Patti game. If a player opposite to you always comes to a showdown, it’s won’t be an intelligent move to bluff. The best way to tackle such players is to manipulate them. Start when you’ve a good stack in your hands.

4. Understand the game play

It’s a common mistake beginners do: after they hurl up a lot of money in the pot if they realize they can be beaten, still they continue to toss more amount in the pot. Just because you pitched so much money in the pot earlier, adding more is not going to win anything back. Pack up immediately because there is no way you can improve your stack now. Don’t take such risks. As I said, people observe!

5. Don’t drink and play

I’ve seen a lot of people playing for big stakes even when they have low cards just because they’re drunk. You might feel a bit relaxed after having a couple of drinks, but you are bound to lose your instincts and sharpness after that, even if you’re not drunk. When you are with your friends, it’s fine to drink and play because you are more focused towards the fun part and even the stakes are not that high. But in full fledged card parties and such events, things may get a little serious.

6. Fold more

It’s an aphorism. The less you fold, the more you will lose. Poker is all about variations. Your opponents keep on observing you and you can use it in a good way. The more you’ll fold, the more curious your opponents will get. If you continue to put money in the pot with every stack you get, after a while your opponents might play you badly. So it’s necessary to have variations in your game, and to keep your opponents in the dark.

7. Bad mood? Don’t play

It’s imperative that your game is affected by your mood. Sad? Angry? Irritated?, don’t play poker. Poker is a cold-blooded game. You can never let your opponents know what you’re feeling. The pros out there can easily figure out the value of your cards by something as small as your gestures. If you’re already too caught up with your feelings, you might not be able to concentrate on the game, which might affect your game plan and hence your chances of winning. People say that Poker is a game of luck. I’ve studied probability a lot and I can say that the chances of being lucky, even one single time, are very very less. Still some people win a lot, a lot of times. So your intelligence plays a bigger role here.

Play smart and have a Happy Diwali!

Divay Kumar

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