Political Anarchy Hits Hard!!

xinsrc_06205041308415151750223.jpgMan-made calamity and power hunger is again witnessing its resurgence in baffling measures in Pakistan.Declaration of a national emergency overnight in an individual military capacity articulated against the spread of “religious militancy” marked the beginning of the ensuing political strife in the country .The immediate suspension of the legislature followed by the suspension of Chief Justice, Iftikhar Choudhary and the illegal “house arrest” of the Provincial judges furthered the chain of the well-conceived plan to paralyze the regular and proper functioning of the Judiciary.

The military regime has taken every step possible to curb the infuriated mob of common people as well as political activists from raising their voices against the prevailing anarchy. The series of events hardly seem credulous considering the “let loose” of the police force to beat up demonstrators, like wild hounds and later pile up the tattered souls in police-stations under fake charges and detention under ‘anti-terrorist laws’ to make matters worse and unprofessional to the core.

The zenith of diabolism was exemplified when the forced arrest of democracy and human rights demanding activists was done in the office of Human Rights Commission Party (HRCP) coupled with faking of FIRs to corroborate their unreasonable illegal activities. The detention of opposition minister Benazir Bhutto on 9th November ; when she was supposed to be leading a rally with her demonstrators ; garbed under the security reasons concerning hassles due to suicide attacks was just the perfect blend to the already inglorious deeds. The list o the atrocities committed unfailingly to subvert any retaliation by the masses and opposition thus goes endless.

However, the compelling cause for the scenario is believed to be the power desire of Genreral Pervez Musharraf. The imposition of the Emergency is believed to safeguard and prolong the General’s Presidential position. Particularly, the ‘pain-causing’ judges were dissolved and suspended because they were becoming hurdles to the president’s power slot. Its tragic to see that both India and Pakistan gained freedom from the British rule at around the same time; but the sharp decadence in the freedom and democracy as a political construct in Pakistan is ignominious and deplorable!

President Musharraf’s subtle and diplomatic reasons had long been he cover for his being able to perpetrate such ‘hideous’ crimes at the mass level. But, the solidarity and unwavering standing for their rights by the Pakistanis even in the face of all odds has been surely exemplary and will be a tale to be told with pride for generations to come.

Everything vacillates between zenith and nadir. But, the political anarchy and military despotism just has a positive curve in this nation. Foreign support from the world’s most powerful nation—US ; which has been continuously condoning the misdeeds by the people in power of the nation so as to garner its own self interests and thereby incessantly abetting the military regime in Pakistan has even strengthened the already thick barriers of non-transparency in the government and public issues.

The political anarchy is in the most nebulous condition today in the country. Ignorance and apathy have long been the shackles inhibiting a positive change. The conditions have just been deteriorating and concreting the bestial environment. But, the present uprising for a change and the global awakening and selfless interest in the conditions are expected to be sending the ripples of revolution and dynamism throughout the nation and to the opaque eyes and the deaf ears.

We hope to see a better a tranquil morning in the lands of Pakistan and no more of this brutal bloody twilight!

Arpita Chakraborty