Politicising Terror

59 hours, and the ordeal is far from over. The operation has come to an end, but a lot else needs to be deciphered. The questions being: who carried out the attacks, why was there a security lapse and what will be done in future to prevent such attacks on innocent people? After all, New York hasn’t seen another 9/11. Why should India?

In the midst of all this, I wonder where is Raj Thackeray; the man who created a ruckus over the North Indians in Maharashtra and appealed that they go back, since they were using up the job opportunities of the Maharashtrians, appears to have remained curiously silent on this issue. In this hour of tragedy, when hundreds of NSG commandos from all over the country carried out this painstaking operation selflessly, irrespective of their “regions”, it has just reiterated the fact that we are one nation, India, and not fragmented pieces of land, regions and religions. Where was Raj Thackeray then? And why didn’t he and his MNS appeal that the NSG commandos not be allowed to carry out this operation and he would confront the armed terrorists himself? It is true that a lot of Maharashtrian policemen and officers have also laid down their lives, but not as Marathi’s, but as Indians.

While watching the evening news, I felt outraged when our Deputy Home Minister, R. R. Patil candidly said, “aisi chhoti chhoti baatein toh bade bade shehron mein hoti rahti hain” when he was asked to explain the huge security lapse. As if this was not enough, he went on to say that the terrorists had planned to kill 5000 people and only a hundred had died, so the intelligence forces hadn’t done so badly. Yes, why not?

A section of India went for elections today; elections for a group of politicians who care only about politics, who squander money at the sacrifice of big officers without sensitively recognising the meaning of significance of this martyrdom. Or they put on a fake mournful face and condemn the attack. But the question largely remains that what will they do to make sure this does not happen again. To make sure that dust doesn’t settle soon enough and forget about it, only to be reminded of it again, a few months down the line.

In this moment of crisis, where politicians should have offered their support and come together in spite of petty political issues, this was far from what was on their mind. Advani and PM Dr. Manmohan Singh arrived at Mumbai in separate jets after announcing that they would be together. I am not saying that the politicians are in any way responsible for these attacks, but their indifferent attitude and lack of action is what makes me feel furious and helpless.

No party has mentioned in their agenda, what they intend to do if they get elected to the office, but yes, we see huge expensive bill boards from taxpayer’s money on what the other side hasn’t done. Will someone tell us what they intend to change? What are the terror laws they will enforce? How will they make sure that the common man will not lose his life in this politics of terror? Disaster management is just not the way out. And nor is compensation of human life with money. It’s an insult to the victim, to the family and to the society which just shows that our politicians think they can buy anything, even if it is human life.

I am afraid nothing is going to change, because unless and until these politicians are at the receiving end of terror, they will perhaps never understand.

Surbhi Bhatia

[Image source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/photo.cms?msid=1640118]