Politics As A Career

‘Politics as a career’?
‘Have you gone insane’?
‘You have lost your mind’?
These are the most common reactions given by the people of India as Politics is considered as an unfavorable career choice. Sometimes the youth don’t bother or the family forbids them from entering into politics or they simply don’t care. These are the attitudes of people towards politics as a career.

But are they really true? Is politics as a career actually bad? Is it only a money game for politicians?
The answer to the above questions is no. Politics is not a bad career choice. Rather it is one of the most challenging and hardworking career options, which not only tests one’s strength but one’s personality and aura as well. It is one of those career options, which provides a platform for the people to not only voice their opinion but also to be in the power to make that voice into a change.

Mostly when a person tries to enter politics, family and friends pull him back stating the fact that politics is nothing but a dirty power game, yet strangely when one questions them, they complain about the youth that this young, so-called ‘facebook generation’ is very self-centered and they worry more about their gadgets and parties rather than the conditions of the country. Some have gone a step further by stating that the youth today are nothing but offshoots of Britisher’s (angrez chale Gaye, yeh chod Gaye).

Today, people view politics as a game of power surrounded by corruption, scams, terrorism, communalism and rigorous laws implemented by gnarled politicians. These are also the reasons why politics is not much of a favorable career choice. However, can we, as a youngsters, comment or complain that all the politicians are corrupt when we ourselves are not far behind. Cheating in examinations or using pirated DVD’S or bribing a police official to avoid a chaalaan are all the examples of corrupt as well as not so perfect youth.

What I want to state is that neither all politicians are devils nor all are saints and same goes for every person in our country. Yet when youth wants something and decides to bring a change they are an unstoppable force. It was actually the youth who voiced their opinion and accelerated the process of justice in the Jessica Lal murder case, it was the youth which came on the streets of Mumbai after the blasts and spread the word of help via social networking sites. Another very apparent example of youth being a part of change and politics is ‘Chhavi Rajawat’ who despite having an MBA degree and job portfolio willingly went into her village Panchayat elections in early 2010 and emerged victorious. Rahul Gandhi. , Sachin Pilot, Miland Deora, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Akhilesh Yadav, Omar Abdullah etc. are some of the best examples of how people look up to these young politicians and how they have in away become the young voice of India.

The problem in today’s time is that we have a nation that lack’s charismatic leadership like that of Nehru or the utmost strength of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. As people we have to think of India as our nation rather than just a politicians’ nation and politics as a career can be the first basic step to be the part of the wave of change because we can only change a system by being in that system.

In the end I can only conclude by saying that that in the present turbulent times where people are slowly losing faith in politicians, we need people with courage and strength to step up and take the reins of the leadership and be the voice and face of India. So to the readers I can only say if you have strength to fight and courage to win with honesty in your heart, politics is the career where people really need you and will in future look up to you.

Aarshi Dua