Politics of Major Conveniences

It is the season of major political moves considering the general elections. In the fag end of this election, which turns out to be most drab in terms of issues raised during the campaigns, it has turned into a major slugfest of convenience. Not that our politics has been any different but this time around, it seems that the cutting across every political line there is, convenience seems to be the mantra of every politician worth any money or name.


What started as individual campaigns in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar for the Congress has suddenly made a stark u-turn in terms of their independence of thought. Calling on their former allies, Rahul Gandhi made a disaster in terms of their agenda. The use of the word ‘Like Minded Party’ was done so heavily and without any appropriate measure it seemed to have lost its significance in the discourse that took place during that fateful press conference. The election participants who started out as foes suddenly were being called on for making a government in case a hung assembly comes on. If one remembers there were numerous television appearances where many Congress spokespersons had claimed of Jayalalitha’s maligned political prowess and that Congress would never make any alliance with her party but now it seems to be convenient for the Congress to do so. Why must it be done? Suddenly it seems Nitish Kumar is an astounding leader of the masses who has the ‘like mindedness’ to be a possible ally for the Congress. And the Left seems to be wooed again on the same lines. Where is the self respect of every party gone? I wonder how a flip flop happens with such suddenness in the public eye. Again the alliance with Trinamool Congress raises eye brows.


We all are very aware of the fact that the Parliament is heading towards a very messy stale mate in terms of the power sharing means between the major national parties. Even BJP is doing no better. With Varun Gandhi drawing heavy crowds and still subtly commanding over sensitive communal issues is as astounding as the BJP support for him when it is speaking heavily for secular forces in the centre. His speeches are littered with distasteful remarks. For a commanding party with such a national presence it seems blasphemous to pitch in non-leaders like him. The Samajwadi Party has no clue of where their agenda is going as they shout off every roof top that any government which assists them in displacing the Mayawati government will have their support. We do seem to have reached a pinnacle of repulsive political diplomacy.


The other convenience is to pitch in there own favourite candidate in the open market of Prime Minister-ship. If Mayawati, with heaven knows what faculty, stakes a claim to the seat, there is also Jayalalitha who harbours such ambitions. Then there is NCP pitching the idea that the time is ripe for a Maharashtrian to become the PM. What absurdity is this? The PM has to represent the country, has to be a national face and not a face that gives vent to regional aspirations, which have to be strictly guarded and shown across. Some of these leaders are firmly regional faces and somehow they wish to have a national impact which is a surprising move over and over.


The agenda’s of the parties seem to border around the fact that we are beggars. Free colour television, rice and wheat at single digit monetary value and other such disastrous conveniences. Is India that poor? And even if we are, it is because the money issued to development is lost in the pyramid of heavy corruption which shrouds the administrative bodies. The Samajwadi Party is attempting to stop English language and computers. I am an advocate of increased use of Hindi, our national language, in daily exercise but to stop the use of both these utilities is akin to inviting disaster to strike us while we know it is well on its way. Does less use of computers lead more job creation? I doubt it. Keynesian Economics is still valid in times of recession but this agenda seems to be stretching it too far. Do they think the aam junta is so mindless? With what thought are such agenda’s created and with what face do they manifest such views?


This has by far been the most disheartening election campaign with no issues raised, no worthy manifesto to be shown and most of the campaign has been centered on a famous soap opera. I cannot possibly blame the low voter turn out considering the lack of interest in the people. This has been the season of some absurd and unacceptable major political convenience. It raises serious question about our political future.


Sayan Das

[Image source:http://newstrack.outlookindia.com/images/advani_manmohan_20090326.jpg]