Politics over CWG 2010

The final countdown has started, 55 days to go for the Commonwealth Games  and I, like any other Indian is filled with pangs of uncertainty on whether CWG will be a success or not.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately, over the major concerns raised by the media. This has deeply demotivated me and I almost felt like planning a vacation for the days the Games will be on. What concerns me is that the fact that the CWG which we are preparing to host since 2005 and is a matter of great national pride, we are still not prepared for it and to top it, there is so much corruption at every level. Then I realized a few facts about our country and I could sleep peacefully.

Organizing the CWG is a great opportunity for India to showcase its development to the world. Eighty five countries are participating and elite athletes from all over the world will be a part of this sporting extravaganza. CWG is said to be the third biggest sporting event in whole world.

Successfully hosting and executing the CWG will make elevate India’s stature as a country in front of the world, however, with the media buzzing with the recent stories on money laundering, bribery, misuse  and corruption prior to the Games causing unexpected troubles in hosting the Games. Corruption is omnipresent in our country. We all know it is there but it is eating away the country like termites. Slowly eating away the soul.

Corruption has always been there and we have learnt to live with it. We have accepted it as a part and parcel of our daily lives. Perhaps, corruption can be biggest contributor in our GDP if it is made legal and put just 10% tax on it. Corruption is seen breeding not just at the grass root level but has stretched its fangs to the upper level as well.

We are all proud citizens of Mahan Bhaarat (Great India) and we must take this pledge that no matter how deep the roots of corruption may be, we will unite to ensure that India successfully hosts the CWG. We’ll overcome all our draw backs and no matter how costly are the tissue papers, we will provide them the best ever bought by any organizing country. We’ll provide them with the most efficient of machines ever rented in world. We may have to honor the winners with natural droplets of rain dripping through the  stadium roofs, but we will stand together and it’ll be still be a huge success. With so many loopholes in the CWG management, maybe we’ll have to invent new sporting events which will check the ability of athletes to perform under extreme circumstances, such as wet race track, wind blowing badminton courts, etc. No matter what, we should keep faith on our leaders that it’ll be success, stand united as a country and show the world that a small section of mean people cannot ruin our opportunity to host this spectacular. event. The corrupt leaders should realize their mistakes by now and stand up to save their country from being ashamed before the world.

CWG will be success and I have faith in my countrymen. It is therefore better not to raise a problem than raising a problem and not executing a solution. We should accept certain facts about our country and stop raising issues till the time we are not ready to execute a solution. Till then let’s hope for this great event to be a great success.

Rajeev Kocher

Image Source: [http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_XpUicU1K7r4/TEKFgdRDrDI/AAAAAAAAAls/rNcslE0VfDI/s1600/stop+cwg+1.jpg]