“Politics” – It rings a bell. Ask the present day youth, and they will say, “I don’t want to enter the dirt”.

I began thinking; it’s the youth who can change the present day scenario but with such ideologies they would only make the situation worse. On further enquiry I was astounded to realize the intensity of the truth that struck me. The reply was simple that it is definitely us younsters who can bring in the transformation, but even as we enter the system with the strong urge to bring about the change it is us who indeed transform – the reason being the need to fit in to the system to bring about the desired revolution. Indeed there is a transformation during the course but not in the governing system.

This is when it dawns on me, Narendra Modis’ appearance on the political scenario as an efficient organizer who worked to bring about changes but suddenly there are blotches on his highly praised efficiency and his urge to keep democracy alive. Three scams within a year does not help either. To begin with was the Sujalam Sufalam scam where farmers were given wheat instead of the promised rice, and then there was the National Rural Employment scam where non-existent labourers were registered and last but not the least was the Sabarmati Express violence. This Godhra massacre has it seems come to haunt Modi again.

Godhra carnage was an incident during Modis’ reign when an express train carrying Hindu passengers from Ayodhya was lit on fire with regard to a conspiracy. According to a recent testimony by Sanjay Bhatt, an IPS officer, it was Modi’s decision to allow the Hindus’ to vent out their anger, over the massacre, on the Muslims. The testimony also states that Modi ordered the officers not to intervene in the situation leading to a riot and bringing about a casualty of Muslims’. According to a New York journal, some police officers were even seen leading the mobs and others simply watched as the Hindus avenged the carnage which took place in 2002. The consequences were high casualties with little or no effect on the Modi government. The files regarding this incident were suddenly down the dungeon and even the camps for the riot-affected closed down with unseemly haste.

Gujarat has indeed benefitted from the Modi reign in terms of paved roads, electrified villages, phone connections, banks, post offices and not missing out a red carpet roll out for the industries through a program called the Vibrant Gujarat, which for the first time attracted industries with a large budget, but the story has another side. With all this also came degrading human development and increasing corruption. Just to think what was it that all of a sudden attracted industries to Gujarat and then the reality struck. Modi government made land and water available to the industries where ever they demanded leading to increasing land acquisitions and water pollution, breaking the backbone of the economy which is agriculture. Tribals have been robbed of their lands to render everything at the disposal of the industrial sector.

With these political situations being covered India is not in for a great future but there is a need for the political scenario to change for India to carve a niche for itself.

Cherry Agarwal