Pooja Wants Sunny To Pay Rs 100 Crore For “Defaming” Her, What?

Pooja Mishra

With all due respect, model and VJ Pooja Mishra has one too many cases on her plate right now, and she needs to decide where she wants to focus.

Pooja’s life seems to be a roller coaster of ‘mishaps’. She keeps surfacing sporadically, each time with a fresh list of wrongdoers who have made it their lives’ agenda to harass her.

Pooja, who rose to fame with her controversial stint in Bigg Boss 5, was caught on camera assaulting a Taj Dwarka employee last year. She resurfaced the same year when she alleged she had been sexually harassed inside her hotel room in Udaipur. She claimed she was drugged by the culprits, and faintly remembers being ‘molested’. Pooja pressed charges against her ‘rivals’ from the film fraternity. While investigating, the cops found the concerns false. But Pooja, with her undying passion to be in news, had by then, accused Sonakshi Sinha of usurping the film Dabangg from her kitty using black magic.

So tragic.

Now, she was off the radar for a while, so it should not have surprised us when she came out with another of her desperate gimmicks.

This time, Pooja Mishra has challenged Sunny Leone with élan. The latter has been slapped with a defamation case in the Bombay High Court. Sunny has been asked to pay a whopping sum of Rs 100 crore as compensation.

Why, may we ask?

According to PTI, Pooja contended in her petition that Sunny had given defamatory interviews in a section of the media because of the “malice and jealousy” against her. She also alleged that Sunny had attributed motives against her in an “impugned article” in a city newspaper, owing to which, Pooja’s reputation had been damaged in the public eye. She had to break her fixed deposits and withdraw her savings, thereby suffering a loss worth Rs 70 lakh.

Pooja also said she was a more popular contestant on Bigg Boss 5, and Sunny Leone had entered the show much later.



What are you exactly trying to say, Ms Mishra? That the spotlight was on you for a show you did years ago, and Sunny came and crushed your stardom? Are you bitter because she found a stronger footing in the entertainment industry while you could not?

We know you love your tricks, and honestly, we do too! Your antics are so amusing; one would sit down with a bucket of popcorn and watch you.

But ma’am, it is a humble request from netizens and entertainment lovers across India: please put a cap on all your cheap publicity stunts and fraught attempts to mint in money and fame. We have had enough of you. Once every few months, you give us your darshan. You love yourself so much, you think the world is conspiring against you.

You are like KRK in a dress. You have amused us all these years, but now we request you rest in your hideout for a while, or do something constructive, as opposed to flourishing on other people’s eminence and glory.

Prerna Mittra

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