Poorest Nations in the World

  1. The World’s poorest Nation is Congo. Its population is 70.9 Million. It has the lowest per capita GDP($334) in the World! Lack of infrastructure and any livable conditions results in a loss of 3 million lives annually!
  2. Zimbabwe has a population of around 11.6 million and a per capita GDP of $354, making it the 2nd poorest Nation in the World!
  3. Burundi stands at the 3rd spot in this list! With a per capita GDP of $400, the country houses one of the worst infrastructures in the world!
  4. Liberia’s population of 3.7 million makes its GDP as low as$424. Although it has good reserves of natural resources, it has no infrastructure to support it!
  5. Eritrea gained independence from Ethopia almost 17 years ago, however the Country is still recuperating from struggle! With a population of almost 5.8 million people, the per capita GDP of the country is about $679.
  6. Niger suffers from poverty, arit climate and desertification! With a population of 15.9 Million, it has a per capita GDP of $719!
  7. Central African Republic has undergone three decades of dictatorship. As a result of which, the country is marred with rampant poverty! It has a population of 4.8 million and a per capita GDP of a meagre$745!
  8. Republic of Sierra Leone has been a victim of 10 year long war! It has a population of 5.2 million people but a per capita GDP of just $759! Poverty and Unemployment is the order of the day!
  9. Togo has been facing political unrest since the time it gained ndependence in 1960! With the help of IMF it wishes to gain some momentum monetarily! Its population is 6.2 million ansd the per capita GDP is around $846!
  10. Malawi is marred with poverty, HIV/AIDS and other health related issues! Its population is around 15.4 million people and a per capita GDP of a meager $884!