Powers Within

Body, like a glass of lamp
Underneath the soul, a dimmed flame
Like soot makes the glass dark
And make the light not pass
Alike, our souls, child of Thee.

Even with great powers in its depth
Is losing its real glory
In these worldly fears
Failures, Shame, Hopelessness…

Feel that almighty powers within you
The gifts of your maker
Give it a fuel of optimism, determination
With essence of hope and hard work
Make this flame, a fire!

Let its glow penetrate the soot
And brighten up the surroundings,
A guide to lost ones
In this Darkness, Apart from Themselves…

You can do anything, achieve everything
Life is yours, recognise its worth
“You are born to live
Not living because you are born”

Recognize your strengths, your powers
Guide everyone, but not through your words
Let your peaceful, successful, enlightened life say
Remember you are child of Thee, powers within!!!

Jigyasa Satsangi