Pramiti Sapru Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

To Manmohan Singh,

When you and your party were elected 8 years ago, I could see the hope on my grandmothers face.  She was hoping for a better, more secure and more modern India. But sadly in the past 8 years our country has seen nothing but corruption and terror. It has regressed 20 years instead of moving forward.

It’s ironic how our country is considered to be the world’s biggest democracy, but if you say something against a powerful person you’re arrested within minutes. The ministers in your cabinet are more concerned about cartoonists and their image rather than the millions of children who are dying due to poverty and malnourishment.

This is a country where female goddesses are worshipped day in and day out. Sadly, this is the same country where a woman is raped every 54 minutes. Every single day there is a report regarding a new rape case but very rarely is there a report about the government’s action against it. But what can you expect out of the public when your very own cabinet ministers take digs at each other’s wives by calling them a 50-crore girlfriend or go around stating that women and their attire are a cause for rape.  If such is the mentality of the ministers who are supposed to lead our country then I’m not surprised that our country is going to the dogs.

It’s funny how our country is known for ‘culture’ and ‘values’. From what I can see, corruption has become our new culture. It’s worn like a medal by all the ministers and shown off at lavish parties and weddings which they somehow manage to put together even though our economy is facing crisis every step of the way.

Aren’t you supposed to be leading these infamous ministers to the correct path? Oh wait, I forgot. You don’t even go to the bathroom without the permission of your beloved Sonia Gandhi. If I could, I would title you present day Dhritarashtra. He was blind and ignored his son’s misdoings. Ultimately, his empire went up in flames. Sense the similarity? How can you not see that your country is sinking to the bottom?

You could say you’ve had a few moments of glory with the building of the metro and the Commonwealth Games, but even these “success” stories have been tainted by the ugly head of corruption.

All I can say is that I have no more expectations from you or your government. So I’m not even going to ask you to formulate new laws and pass those remaining  countless bills because we all know you clearly are nothing but a mere puppet.

Yours truly,

Pramiti Sapru

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.