Prashant Kumar – A Youth Icon

Prashant Kumar, an LLB student at Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune, Maharashtra has already started spreading his wings. He has his own social organization – SAVERA. Seeks inspiration in mother Teresa. He aspires to change the society by making a change at an early age of 25. He is also the Director at The Earth Organization, India.

Rupa: It’s an honor to interview a personality with so many good sides to look at. Let me begin with your school days. It might make you nostalgic. Mostly students at school are shy, naughty, some really smart some average. How were you at school, the naughtiest one who broke rules or the shy one? How were your school days?
Mr. Kumar: Ha! Ha! Yeah an average guy and the naughtiest one… breaking the rules; but of course not the spoilt one. Always broke the rule for something good or just for fun! It was the best time of my life. Its school days that are foundation of one’s life. The same with me, superb teachers all willing to carve us into the best they can. Thanks to all of them. God Bless them for making what they have made out of us!

Rupa: Sir, you are an LLB student at Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune. It brings me to my next question. Today’s trend is like crack IIT or become a software engineer or go for medical and earn a comfortable lifestyle. On the hand you went for something so legal and full of risk. What is in your mind?
Mr. Kumar:  My mind….trying to unlock the whole of mind in very second question. Ha! Ha! You are clever! You are on the right track… One should be very firm in one’s decision about what he has to do in the future! I had planned about what I want to be in my life from my very childhood. So, I chose to study LLB. To know about one’s rights and duties without which our job would have been very difficult.

Rupa: Not many people are aware of the fact that you are involved in social work. You have your own social organizations SAVERA and TEO-India. What compelled you to take initiative and get into this at such a young age?
Mr. Kumar: Yeah from childhood I was willing to bring change in society, to work for weak and meek of the society. Even in School days when I was president of School’s Social Club; we planned and started to teach students from nearby locality free of charge. It gives immense pleasure and satisfaction to me once I do something good for someone needy.

Rupa: You are the head HR and media coordinator at SAVERA and the CEO at TEO-India. Would you please enlighten us more about it, your role at SAVERA and TEO?
Mr. Kumar:  Yeah, Head HR and Head Social Services @ SAVERA-The Radiance of Hope. Over there my job is to plan out the events and distribute the tasks among the people. First I check what all are the requirements and then according to one’s potential I appoint people for the work. I am the one who has to sort out the problems, if any, arising in our group.
@ TEO-India, I am learning to handle a group. TEO-India is an international NGO based in Durban, South Africa. At TEO-I we are in the process of registering it as a Society. Here, I have a group of future environment leaders who are planning to bring various changes in India. We get ideas from the elderly people and do the task via young generation. The organization is dependent on peoples of all walks of life. There are various engineers, Medical practitioner, MBAs, and even school going children.

Rupa: What has been the biggest achievement under SAVERA till date? Which societal evil has it helped in eradicating completely? Is it good enough to create an impact on the younger generation?
Mr. Kumar: Biggest achievement (as per my thinking): dinner party at an old age and orphanage home. Everyone was so happy over there. One can easily see in their eyes as they were twinkling. The young kids after getting sweets were so happy as if they had got the best thing in their life.  We are fighting to eradicate Ragging and we have almost achieved our goal for the same in Pune.
Yeah good enough to create an impact on the younger generation but difficult one!

Rupa: SAVERA focuses more on social problems; on the contrary TEO is working to protect the environment which needs care. On a scale of 10 how much will you score TEO – India’s effort in helping the environment live?
Mr. Kumar:  In USA, we (TEO) are cleaning the Gulf of Mexico. TEO-America gets 10 out of 10. But in India we arrived shortly and we are in starting phase.

Rupa: SAVERA and TEO are totally different from each other but still connected. How does your team help? Is it more of like Dhoni’s young army or a mix and match of experience and new ideas?
Mr. Kumar:  Yeah they are different but both are serving earthlings and have the same object to make the Earth a better place to live in. So it’s not difficult for us to manage. Yeah you can compare it with Dhoni’s Army as people from various regions/States are coming up and doing their best to serve Earthlings.

Rupa: I am sure many young hearts who wish to give back to society would want to join the team. What is one required to do, any barriers?
Mr. Kumar: No…Anyone who has a heart of gold and wishes to serve the Earthlings is welcomed here!

Rupa: Where do you see India after 20 years from now? What according to you is India’s strength and weakness?
Mr. Kumar:  India is the future. It will be among the developed nations and an economic giant!

Rupa: You are an inspiration to look at for the teens and people near you. Do you see yourself as an inspiration? Is it bothering as your activities might have a deep impact on the people?
Mr. Kumar: Nopes, if you are searching for inspiration. Rather forget not Mother Teresa, Vivekananda, M.C. Mehta, Dr Rajendra K Pachauri…. I am too young.

Rupa: At the end of the day when you go to sleep and analyze your whole day how does it feel to do something so unique in this rat race?
Mr. Kumar: It gives peace and happiness that I am doing something good for the Earthlings/Humanity.

Rupa: Sir, it is rare to find a person like you who is so desperately working to bring a change in the society through your good ways. I pray to God that every citizen of India comes forward to lend a helping hand to you and to many more Prashants. Thank you so much for giving your valuable time.
Mr. Kumar: I would love to thank you and “The Viewspaper”. It’s not we alone who can do anything but you all, the Y Generation must come together to bring this change as NONE CAN SURVIVE ALONE.


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