Praveen Dhawan Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Singh

There are two things which trouble me the most – Education reforms and Sports reforms.

India‘s image is good, based on brilliant science and mathematics fundamentals, with Indian students being the top performers for all foreign universities worth mentioning. But why is it that brilliant people perform only when they go abroad? Doesn’t it bother anyone that Sabir Bhatia made Hotmail in USA, and not in India? Narain Karthikeyan had to go to France for training for proper racing, spending a big amount of money just because he did not have any resources here!

As the Prime Minister of India, I would like you to take care of education reforms, and do away with politicians deciding the fate of prestigious engineering and MBA colleges.

And on another level, I am a firm believer that the best way to eradicate high income disparities, increasing women empowerment, eradicating poverty is by actually focusing on education at the grass root level.

As I mentioned, income disparities, high crime rate, poor status of women rights, begging, poverty, all these are not problems at all. It is not required to deal with all these issues with various schemes. These are symptoms of the disease. Any good doctor will tell you that you don’t have to cure the symptoms, you have to cure the disease – in this case the cure is not money transfer to poor people. The cure is to give at least 100 times more focus on grassroots education, in villages and towns where children are not studying. By not studying, I do not mean that they are not getting good marks; it means they are not aware of the opportunities available in the outside world and they grow up thinking in narrow horizon. They never get to do work which their talent justifies. Just because they are ignorant!

Those thousands of crores of rupees, if spent to assure education to children from age 3 till 16, will bring maximum result in 10 years time than any other scheme you can think of. You need to put your most trusted people in this.

Second most important reforms required, according to me, is in Sports. I feel they are neglected because there aren’t enough people raising this issue of mismanagement of all sports bodies, and there aren’t enough people because parents don’t let their children follow sports as there are not enough opportunities to make a living out of it. So it is a vicious circle we are looking at.

As the government, you have the power to break this vicious circle by –

  1. Investing in more outdoor and indoor sports – to give proper infrastructure
  2. Making sure sports persons are in charge of developing sports, rather than politicians. They actually feel for their sports and they will probably be much less corrupt as well.

It will be a great achievement if we stop measuring Olympic medals and should be happy if we get 3-4 gold medals.

We should be measuring success by each family being happy to let their child pursue their career of choice, and here, career includes sports.


Praveen Dhawan

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.