Precluding Creation

Life was as warm as sunshine for her. She welcomed her future, with dreams to be fulfilled. There was no dearth of love. She never hesitated to shoulder responsibility. Smart, beautiful and talented, she led a life any girl would envy. It was like the calm, quiet and stillness that precedes a storm.  It happened on one fateful day. No one could foresee what was coming. It was one of those days when she thought the world was a safe place. It was one of those days, when she thought she was alone on a journey back home. This is a world that is as unsafe as the word can get. And no, she wasn’t alone. Little does any girl foresee a rape. Victimised and traumatised by such an inhumane act, one of the many needles that pricked her conscience was an ‘unwanted’ pregnancy. Abortion was out of question, for it is murder in cold blood.

A little unprepared…

Life was as warm as sunshine for them, drunk in the wine of their youthfulness; a little careless, a little rebellious and a lot unaware of the consequences of their actions. Both bold enough to venture into uncertainty, but neither prepared to shoulder the responsibilities. Unprepared sex. Result: an ‘unplanned’ pregnancy. They weren’t ready for it, emotionally and financially. This could also happen when regular contraceptive methods fail. No one wishes to go through the trauma of an abortion. Yet, many turn into murderers.

And a magic pill comes by…

Statistics reveal that there are millions of abortions each year, a majority of the pregnancies caused due to sexual assault. For women or couples, who find themselves in either of these situations, an emergency contraceptive pill is a boon in disguise, a miracle. By the millions of abortions that are aborted by this magic pill, it is definitely one scientific invention man can be proud of!

It’s fascinating and intimidating to even envisage an invention that can prevent the formation of life! EC pills are hormonal methods of contraception, containing higher doses of hormones like estrogens, progestin or both. Some may even contain ulipristal acetate or small amounts of mifepristone. Though their exact mechanism is unknown, they are proven to delay ovulation. It is possible that they prevent implantation or fertilization.

A boon or a bane?

Contrary to the general notion about this pill, it does not terminate a pregnancy. It simply prevents it, if taken within five days after unprotected sex.  Due to this misconception, hospitals that have religious affiliations still refrain from recommending these pills to women in need. However, the pills have gained popularity in recent times. There are various television ads to create awareness about the same. With it being incorporated as a part of sex education programmes in schools, the public has become more receptive to the idea.

EC pills may cause temporary nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, etc. However, the benefits outweigh the risks involved. They are not known to cause any long term side effects. They are safe and have been approved by the World Health Organization.

However, misuse of the drug can be deleterious to the society. It is not meant in any way to encourage reckless act of casual sex. Neither does it offer any protection against reproductory tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.

If used in an appropriate manner, emergency contraceptive pills can save a life, by precluding creation.

Deepashri Varadarajan