Prefabricated Stairs

The staircase whether it be installed inside your room or outside of it is usually the focal point of your building or of your interior decor. Because of this fact it is imperative that you construct your stairs with the utmost care. Usually, it is the carpenters and masons who work together to construct your staircase. Ask any carpenter what  the most difficult as well as time-consuming task that the usually do with building projects is. The carpenters will say it is either the roof of the house or the stairs, most of them opting for the former than the latter.

Rough calculations suggest that it takes about 6 to 8 hours to complete a set of stairs from one floor to another. And I’m not even talking about the most stylish curved or spiral staircases but simply the common straight staircase. Not only is the cost of the whole operation a factor, the time that is spent both directly and indirectly plays a huge part as well. If the limited space on your construction site is occupied by the carpenters making these stairs, there is little room for anything else to be happening at that time.

Keeping these facts in mind you can easily save anywhere in the range of 50 to 70% off your first if you choose to install pre-fabricated stairs. These pre-manufactured staircases are available in a variety of configurations, designs and sizes. Don’t hold on to the antiquated notion of the stairs being built out of wrought-iron. The advanced manufacturing techniques have now allowed these stairs to be constructed to match the look and the quality of staircases built by hand. The this and you can even go for  staircases made out of English oak with bolsters in the baroque style, and still order it to be manufactured off-site saving you time as well as money.