Prescription Swim Goggles

Prescription swim goggles, an answer to all your worries of not being able to swim because you wear glasses or contact lenses. With the availability of prescription swim goggles, people with any kind of vision disorders can easily make that length of the pool without having to complain of a blurred vision. Some people wear glasses under the goggles, while some wear the goggles over lenses. Prescription swimming goggles allows those enthusiasts to dive and swim without having to hold back or feel uncomfortable because of their glasses or lenses.

Swimming goggles are designed to help you to see better underwater. The goggles create a gap between the water and your eyes by trapping air inside which allows the light rays to fall on your eyes without any distortion. Prescription swim goggles are usually custom made products made of high quality silicon which can easily be molded and fit into the structure of the goggles. These goggles are just like any other goggles, the only difference being that the lenses are custom built for your eyes. Wearing prescription swim goggles is better than wearing goggles over glasses or lenses as it majorly sharpens your vision underwater. Wearing glasses over goggles might affect the placement of the goggles which will result in water seeping in to the goggles and disrupting your vision. Wearing goggles over lenses are more risky as, by chance if water comes inside the goggle, there is a possibility that the lenses will come off which might affect your eyes badly.

Prescription swim goggles are manufactured by various companies who have dedicated themselves to creating swimming accessories using technology and experience:

Bolle Prescription Swim Goggles, Brooks Brothers Prescription Swim Goggles, Cazal Prescription Swim Goggles, D&G Prescription Swim Goggles, DKNY Prescription Swim Goggles, ESS Prescription Swim Goggles, Jaguar Prescription Sunglasses, Speedo Prescription Swim Goggles  etc.

They not only help you see properly while swimming but also blocks most of UVB and UVA radiations from hurting your eyesight.