Prevent the Need for Waste Management!

It is OUR Environment!

Just as charity begins at home, cleanliness has all the more reason to begin from home. Today, we talk about Global Warming and debate upon the reasons responsible for it at underwater conferences. This concern for environment is worth applauding no doubt. After all, awareness that our deteriorating environment demands our attention is the first step towards its conservation and protection. However, what needs to be addressed at first is not the global impact of the increasing pollution but a fact as simple as this – identify the roots from where the weed has originated and uproot it from there, to avoid its re-growth!!

The catch actually lies at strengthening the basics to avoid weak and ineffective actions and decisions at a global level. And when we come down to basics, pollution is the only factor that drives our search for the causes of nature’s deterioration. Forms of pollution commonly known are the ones we see around us all the time. So what all counts as pollution? Dirty water (water pollution), smoky air (Air Pollution) Did we leave out something? No..? Well, one form of pollution that doesn’t come to anyone’s mind is pollution through untreated waste scattered all across.
Managing waste, moreover solid waste, has become a major challenge over the years. With drastically increasing population the generation of solid waste has increased at a bombarding rate. Lack of awareness about proper waste disposal and inefficiency in its management leaves it rotting in the drains and sewage, which ultimately get blocked, then get mixed with groundwater and give rise to numerous diseases. There has to be some way to break this vicious cycle.

A Maya(n) Initiative! (Yes, you read it right, It IS by Mayawati!!)

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati recently took notice of it. (Yes, she does notice other things as well, apart from Currency garlands and her statues, not to forget – with her handbag!) Call it her political or even publicity stunt, but UP has greatly benefitted from this awakening! For a city that produces more than 750 metric tons of solid waste every day, Agra has been dumping its woes at the Kuberpur landfill site for too long. Hopefully putting an end to all this mess is the new Solid Waste Treatment Plant near Kuberpur, to be operational from March 31, 2011.

Agra’s upcoming plant is just one of the many initiatives that the Mayawati government is taking for urban UP. In a state where cities have never been on the radar of political parties, Mayawati has now changed the focus.

On her birthday on January 15, she ‘gifted’ Lucknow’s new sewage treatment plant, the largest in Asia, to the people of UP. The plant has the capacity to treat the 35 million liters of sewage that the city produces every day. The previous plant could process only 42 million liters and the left out waste could be seen floating over the city’s most important source of drinking water – the Gomti River.

A year ago, Kanpur, a city that regularly occupies the top slot as India’s most polluted, got a solid waste treatment plant which is counted among the best in the country as it treats 900 tons of garbage.

The two plants are among the several that have been planned in the first systematic effort to tackle the problem of urban waste in Uttar Pradesh. The motivating factor that makes the future of this initiative bright is that it’s not just the big cities – small towns too have found a place on the map of urban development.

The Glitch

This entails treating or curing when the disease has already spread in the body. What if efforts are directed towards preventing that disease in the first place itself..! Obviously prevention is better than cure…! Making the people aware about the need to maintain a hygienic surrounding for a safer and healthy living and ensuring community participation would go a long way in the success of these treatment plants.

Aishani Gupta

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