Priyanka Maheshwari Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Hello Mr.PM,

All of us understand that you are a man of integrity and the man who liberated economic policy, the sole reason of India progressing and being in the league of superpower. But, neither the progress nor the superpower happens to be pan India.  If you are under too much pressure then just step down, we shall know what has gone wrong. So, if you want the nation to look up to you then please be just, not to the party, to the citizens.

How to be just:

India is democratic country, why don’t you let justice prevail? If you can’t allow a common man to loot the government then how can you allow public servants to benefit from our money? If a common man can be imprisoned without any hope for bail, why can’t a minister? Anyway half of our ministers are uneducated, so it’s not like we will lose an intellectual who could do wonders for India.

Devise a policy to provide justice to everyone in the country. Make it a point that all rules and law are the same for all and understood by all. Hold seminars for the illiterate to understand what is legal and illegal, they should understand why someone is being implicated. Only when you stop saving the face of corruption, will the real scenario of India surge in your mind. Imagine keeping a terrorist hale and hearty for four years. No, it isn’t enough that he is dead; the money spent on him could have been used for providing food to poor of our country, whose pictures the foreigners take back home to show the plight of India.

Only when you shall empower the right people will the nation save its grace. Empower women, elect well-educated people as ministers and keep a watch over bribery. We all know money makes a mark, but if you don’t stop it now there will be a day when you and your party too shall be bribed out for the greater good or much worse. We understand you have national issues to take care of but, when the people of your country will not turn out of be good citizens then how will the country survive the competition. If all our IAS officers, politicians and ministers exist as a consequence of bribe and favours, then where do you see India going?

If you have been entrusted the future of India, please act. If you punish 100 offenders, it will deter 1000 others from an act of breaking the legislation. Keep the dream of a happy India alive.

Priyanka Maheshwari

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.