Priya’s Trial by Ordeal

pic1.jpgI read about Priya Aggarwal’s experience or should I say nightmare on Viewspaper site a few days back. I have no words to describe the anger, I felt at the all the people who wronged the students and at all those people who could have done something but chose not to. The authorities the government every body, and I mean everybody who works towards making this system such an utter failure. It is shocking and terribly frightening at the same time. The very hands that should mould my future are throttling it. The private institutions are busy making profits and converting education into some sort of business. The frightening part is the highest authorities ie the Government, the Supreme Court intervene, but they still manage to screw up the future of thousands of students. Where should the students go? Whose door should they knock now? I wouldn’t be surprised if there are thousands of others who have suffered like this . . .

How is our country supposed to progress when its future’s future itself is being threatened, today knowledge is power, the world respects those who have it. Instead of concentrating all its energies on getting controversial nuclear deals signed maybe the government should look at this home grown problem more carefully. Mr. Prime Minister, education is our real source of power.

The challenges that face our education system today are monumental. That the primary education has failed is nothing new. While the higher education continues to be plagued by problems and new problems crop up everyday. The government fails to provide adequate facilities and quality education, and as it has now been shown the privately run education institutes are also no better an alternative. What’s the point in obtaining quality education if it’s not even recognized as education. Higher education is absolutely essential to ensure livelihood for the youth. In spite of this the expenditure on education hovers around a mere 4% in our five year plans. The government cannot afford to fool around with our education like this. Even if it does so, WE cannot afford to… It is our future we are talking about. The protest must come from within our ranks. You may be a student somewhere anywhere with a secure future, till one fine day you realize that that its no longer secure in fact you don’t have future. Why take the chance??

I have been told for ages, and it’s been ingrained into me that nothing I do will ever make a difference….when I look back now I realize that I never even tried. Never. This time I am not letting the opportunity go. Some wise man one’s said that if a cause is worth dying for, its very well worth living for…and I may add very very much worth writing for. I am going to write a mail to each and every person who I think can make a difference. I am hoping that you will too, because you must. If we won’t stand up for ourselves, no one will. I have realized that we don’t have to kill the education minister to make ourselves heard we only need to kill the indifference we have within us.

Mayuri Sinha