Profit Driven Indian Sports

Let me first wonder why sports competitions/championships are held? Are they all held just to gain money? Immediately we would sway our head with a gesture saying no. But, what really is happening?

As of an ideal theory, sports elevate ones power to do things and they are a means to prove ones dexterity in a particular field or sport. They not only enhance one’s ability and happiness in doing a thing but also,when competed with an other team or opponent, will serve as a mark of glory for the people whom the sports person or team represent, if they win. The main intention of sports is to spread happiness among others and the sports person himself. But what is really happening to the present day sports, in India in particular. Take Cricket, as an instance, the world Champs in Twenty-Twenty format have ended with out going to the semis. I do agree that things like that can happen once a while,but what if that is the scenario for decades and just winning once in a blue moon. In a country with more than a billion population no one would think that it is a consequence of lack of talented people in the team. It is completely an impact of the gluttonous nature of our BCCI.

People started forgetting about the real reason behind the emergence of sport. They started thinking as if it were a business where, a little sport is included. We would all have felt a hundred times happier than, what we have enjoyed by seeing the IPL. What is the reason for the emergence of IPL? Unambiguously,it is the example of the profit driven sports India, where all the players and the management have joined hands to make money and thereby impacting our happiness, a billion smiles. In a country like ours, where cricket is a religion, it is the gluttonous nature of few individuals that is ruling a chance of being happy for a mere spectator.

Let us assume IPL to be a Championship to be played, even then why have all the matches been decided only in the slog overs of the match in many instances? There are rumours that there is fixing going on and betting going on with some big heads involved in it,god knows what is the real issue. IPL not only left players restless, but also earned a lot of money at the stake of a billion people smiles.(Try not to repeat expressions again and again. You can use different words for the same thing.) Please let the management understand this at the earliest that they are doing business in the name of sport and was emerging to be richest board in the world by losing the morale and spirit of sport, which is just not a game but also an entity, which gives happiness to few, inspiration to few, recreation to few, aspiration to few, and life to few lakhs of people who depend only on sports for their livelihood, directly or indirectly. May such religion not be contaminated by dirty politics and cheap tactics for making money. Respect our sporting culture which is inhereted from our ancestors, who did not know how to make money with sports, poor guys. Hope this would not continue in near future and measures should be taken in restoring the true spirit of sport.

Santosh Muddala

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