Protect Environment!!

From the barbaric days of early man, when he used to wander hither thither in search of food to the present day scenario of the 21st century, mankind has witnessed a paradigm shift. Now he can get anything he desires from any part of the world and that too without forgoing the comfort of leaving his home. All that he needs to do now is a one second job – the click of a button!!

Life has become relatively easier but all this technological advancements has incurred a cost. A cost that is not just high as far as the monetary value is concerned but has also led to various other serious implications. Some of the major current interconnected environmental issues include the much talked about climate change –  global warming, melting of the glaciers and depletion of the ozone layer. This climate change has not only taken a toll on mankind but also on other wildlife and plant species who are  silent innocent bearers of something that they are not responsible for, but yes surely we are!!

In order to make our lives cooler we make use of various electrical appliances that gobble not only huge amounts of electricity but also lead to emission of various green house gases, which has been a major cause of global warming. The electrical Fridges that we use to cool our foods lead to the emissions of dangerous CFC carbons and freons that has led to Ozone layer depletion to the extent that now it is better termed as a  Ozone hole. The depletion of the Ozone layer has led us to the exposure of the harmful UV rays from which we were protected earlier by the ozone layer. These UV rays may have harmful effects like skin cancer, cataract and are an impediment to the growth of tender plant species. Besides this global warming, whose effect have only intensified over the years leading to rising sea levels due to thermal expansion and melting of glaciers,  which has ultimately led to alarming rise in temperature levels resulting in drastic climatic changes.

Environmental degradation due to increased levels of pollution created by automobiles , the toxic radioactive material left after nuclear reactions etc. have worsened the situation. In order to make our living rooms look better we buy expensive furniture without realizing that a million trees are being cut everyday to achieve the objective. Deforestation has got a serious implication. It has led to soil erosion making the soil less fertile and also to destruction of wildlife. Even the aquatic life is not spared by human intervention. If the world keeps on continuing in this manner the day is not far away when mankind once again would move into the same barbaric age, leading the life of a nomad.

Hence the need of the hour is sustainable protection of the environment. For years mankind has led a life of unsustainably, and now an unprecedented collective effort is required in order to return within sustainable limits and for this it is essential that the Earth’s resources must be used at a rate at which they can be replenished. Documentary films and television serials can be used to create awareness regarding environment protection. And each one of us can do a little bit from their side in order to protect the environment. Obviously it is not possible for everyone to own hybrid cars but small measures like planting trees, discarding plastic cans and making use of paper bags ensuring re-usability and recycling and making our homes more energy efficient by better insulating our walls; sealing our windows; and replacing  old light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. By making such small changes in  our daily life  that seem small though we can help drastically and  cut back on the carbon emissions for which we’re responsible.

It is necessary that we take matter seriously otherwise the day is not far away when we would be cursed by our future generation for creating such a nasty and ugly future for them.

Padmavathy Dhillon