Pseudo Sciences

It is really sad how much Pseudo-science lies within our textbooks, science books and other scientific literature. It’s funny how we’ve only had this technology for a few hundred years and now we think we can answer all the big questions about life, space and time.

We have no images, video, documented writings or even cave drawings showing any of these things occurring, or any evidence that they would have occurred. We have religious and supernatural theories to what may have occurred, but no real graspable evidence. For something to be a true theory, it has to be observable, testable, falsifiable and repeatable. Or as I like to abbreviate it F.O.R.T. Without this, nothing can be considered a theory.

Common ancestry claims that all beings came from a single common ancestor. We cannot test that but we can provide circumstantial evidence like similarities in the physical body and DNA, as well as bone fragments, but no rock solid evidence. No evidence that would leave a reasonable doubt.

Is it observable? No, we haven’t seen any large scale permanent change in any animal that would cause anyone to believe that changing from an ancestor to a different animal is even possible. 600 generations of fruit flies and they are still fruit flies. 44,000 generations of E-coli…and it is still E-coli. It is not falsifiable, as you would need to actually go back in time to observe this, because there is “not enough time” to see it happen today.

The Big bang claims that all matter came from one infinitesimal speck that came from nowhere. It cannot be observed. The entire “theory” is made from the fact that all galaxies are moving away from us and a whole lot of math. You cannot test this math, this is in no way repeatable and can in no way be falsifiable unless we had a time machine.
Star formation. We have pictures of fuzzy stars, that’s about it.

There is apparently “not enough time” to observe star formation for real, so it remains entirely unobservable. There are no tests that can show that this could happen, and you cannot repeat tests that cannot be done. So it’s entirely unfalsifiable unless we could time travel.

Abiogenesis. We have created plenty of amino acids from scratch, but not enough to make even the simplest of life forms… and have them actually combine to form the chain. We can guess what it would have been like back in the day, but there is no real test that can be done to show evidence that life could have possibly arose from those amino acids by themselves, neither by accident in the wild or even in a lab. We cannot observe what might have happened back then, so it remains unfalsifiable.

Alien contact. We have found many stars that hold planets, but that’s about it. I find it shocking, and a little skeptical, can we can go “oh, that planet has methane” by observing a picture taken by a space telescope. I find it really skeptical that on how rare life is, the fact that we cannot see it on any other planet here, the fact that we cannot recreate it in a lab and the fact that we cannot even find the mechanism that would enable animals to transform so radically makes me skeptical. We cannot yet test the aliens exist hypothesis, we cannot observe it and we cannot falsify it until we checked every single planet in the universe or get in contact with a alien. There is no evidence that they exist.

Why do we have such unscientific stuff in our classrooms? Shouldn’t we be putting all this right next to Ghosts and Gods, and Pixiesuntil we find an adequate evidence to put it in a science book?

Garima Obrah