Psychological Well Being…Mind over Matter!!

The WHO definition of health includes physical, social and mental well being…If that’s the standard definition, then how many of us are healthy in its true sense? When I write this article I think of the stigma that exists in our society (and in me!!) regarding mental health.

I include myself here because no matter how much I talk or understand I will not be able to accept and seek help if I do have a problem. Even if I’m ready…my elders!! If I have a crooked tooth I visit a dentist or a fever I go to a doctor but I would not seek help so easily if I have a mental problem. The word “mental” itself is so stigmatized I feel weird as I type it!!

Why we should be concerned…

• Any other health problem has a time period, from this point to this or an understood pattern or even if not any of these it can be dealt with because we seek help but these psychological problems just remain undiagnosed and resurface at some point.
• The effects are on more than one aspect, more than just that individual.
• If one is not mentally healthy it would ultimately affect his physical and social well being as well. There goes health….down the drain!!

According to statistics there are a very large number of people with mental illnesses but they are masked by the other diseases we know of. We are not fully aware of what a psychological problem is. It is not as simple as labeling someone as depressed, psychotic etc. It is to enable people understand themselves better and be able to cope with various aspects of life.

We should be glad more and more people are willing to seek help nowadays but the majority, where the core problem lies, are not even aware that they need help. We read about things like suicides and it’s unfortunate. They were people who needed help. Maybe an even more unfortunate case is of a person who contemplates over and over again and is not impulsive enough to do it. All his thoughts of killing himself could’ve been put To something better, something brilliant.

Let us help them out of the darkness and hopelessness. Let us show them we care and that it is okay to seek help. Let us talk more openly about it. The human mind is so unique and powerful. Let us make an attempt to let it NOT go in vain.

My attempt in writing this is to make psychological well being a more open and less stigmatized topic.

‘It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil
ways’ – Buddha

Monisha Deepika