Punto – The Prince of Shimla

Our family had gone through tough times and the five of us hardly talked to each other. Then one day my brother called me outside my hostel. He said it was an emergency and I ran out. And out came from his car a little angel. He was a golden Labrador retriever puppy. He was just a week old then. Adorable he was then and now. We all fell in love with him.

My brother and sister-in-law legally adopted him. We call him Punto. He has a thousand other names from Babu, Pinti, Coge, Motu and many more. The list is long. He is always hungry. And he wants to play all the time. If you don’t, he will scold as well.
He got our family together. He is extremely naughty. We have lost our slippers, courtesy Punto. But strange enough nobody seems to mind at all. We can’t imagine our lives without him.

His hair is all over our beds and clothes. He would sit on  our bed, especially on Mom’s bed. Then, when we cuddled him, he would dust himself as if we haven’t taken a bath since days. Hmmm. This reminds me what an exercise it is giving this naught devil a bath. He is so possessive about my mother that nobody can dare sit next to her. He wouldn’t let us. He would jump on us and try his level best by pushing us away.

Whenever we sit down to eat he would roam around us. Look at us with those innocent green eyes. And go on looking as if he hasn’t had any food from past ten days.  Finally  we all surrender and give him a bite. Anyways I don’t know what it is when he really wants to have anything that either slips from the hand or falls directly in front of him.

Every morning at sharp at 5:15 he would push open my half closed door. And jump on my bed. Then he jumps on me. Tries to wake me up.  He licks from my quilt to my sheet any thing and everything he can lay his tongue on.

He loves eating fruits. My dad was the first one to shout that he hates dogs. Now he is the first one to buy Punto toys and clothes. And every time he is the one who goes walking climbing the hill to get his favourite biscuits.

His ears would stand the moment he hears our car backing horn in the evening. He is very intelligent he can differentiate between ours and the neighbor’s horn. And he barks and runs down stairs as if he will open the gate.

He would turn round and round and then suddenly sit down and scratch himself when you sit down and eat. He is the numero uno enemy when it come to newspapers. Every evening he takes us for a walk. It’s like he is holding our leash and dragging us down hill.

Now also when I am writing he has come from under the table and quietly kept his face on my legs and looking at me. Awww…. baby is a sweetheart. He knows that he has had breakfast with  dad and mom and now my brother. Well he sure can eat.

He never stays alone. He doesn’t like loneliness. He would run up to any of our bedroom and sleep on our bed. But the truth is he has taken our loneliness away from us. He has taught us how to love. He is naughty, he troubles us at times, irritate us but nobody can stay angry at him for a long while. Well even if you do he will sit facing the opposite side. And not even as much as look at you when he is in the car. He knows all the tricks to makes us run behind. but who complains. We all love him.

Priyanka Gandhi

Image Source: [http://www.himachaltourism.net.in/images/tourist_places/htp41.jpg]