Pursue Two of Your Interest: Fashion And Photography


Photography, which was earlier considered just a hobby, is now emerging as a very lucrative and attractive career option for the youth. Not only is the idea of photography as a career unconventional but it also provides a medium for showcasing individual creativity and talent.

Photography has many genres: animal, fashion, advertising & commercial, to name a few. Looking closely, fashion photography is seen as a very glamorous profession. Fashion photographers work with a variety of professionals like models, designers, hair n make up artists, art directors, fashion publications and fashion houses. Therefore team work, coordination and maintaining a healthy & relaxed co-worker relationship are qualities that are highly appreciated in this industry.

Fashion photographers mainly take pictures of models wearing latest clothes, accessories, hair and make up. These photos are mainly used for commercial use in magazines, advertisements, catalogs, books and reports. The venue of photo-shoots can vary from comfortable indoor studios to exotic outdoor locations such as forests and beaches. Therefore it is very important for an aspiring fashion photographer to learn to be comfortable and adapt to any kind of environment he’s put in. This field of work also involves a great deal of travelling.

This profession is diverse in terms of employability. One can become a freelance photographer with or without an agent, work with a retailer, a fashion publication or a fashion house or even open up one’s own studio.

An important aspect of this career choice is to exactly know what you want out of a particular photo; the settings have to be created in such a way, keeping in mind the client’s needs and obtaining maximum satisfaction out of the pictures taken. Technical know-how of different types of cameras, light and distance adjustments, special effects and computer software’s is also essential.

An aspiring fashion photographer would do best by enrolling into courses which train them as photographers either vocational or degree programs. Working as an assistant with a practicing fashion photographer can provide one with on the job practical exposure. Other aspects include developing keen insight into aesthetic details and strong communication skills if one wishes to succeed in this profession.

It is not an easy job as success completely depends on an individual’s innate capabilities and natural talent to capture something wonderful out of what an ordinary man may see as mundane. It is their responsibility as a fashion photographer to make that particular piece of clothing or accessory look good and purchase-worthy. The consumers in the market are judging the product as is shown to them by the photographer. Therefore he is basically an advertiser who is trying to sell his product by making it look beautiful. (the photographer is not an advertiser – the line is misleading)

The job is not easy, also in terms of success rates, as there are very few celebrated fashion photographers. Ironically, this field requires immense hard work but does not guarantee instant recognition. As a matter of fact the transition from a toe-hold to a foot-hold in this career can take decades and one should be prepared to struggle and work hard all the way. The rewards are handsome once one is established as a noted fashion photographer but until then, it is meager.

Hence although this profession is highly creative and appealing, only a person with realized caliber and talent, who is ready to work hard, should opt for it.

Tanaya Malhotra

Image Source [http://pixabay.com/en/photographer-camera-man-recordings-301530/]