Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2: Double The Torture, Double The Fun, Double The Drama

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Come October 16, and theatres would be filled with guys and girls. Those in a relationship would go to see how correctly or incorrectly the movie portrays dating and those not in a relationship would go to see how good (or bad) it is to get into a relationship.

Luv Ranjan strikes the silver screen with an even better and much funnier sequel to the 2011 hit, Pyaar ka Punchnama. Traversing through the journey of three guys who are hopelessly in love (or just in a hopeless relationship maybe), the first part of the movie brought out what exactly men trapped in suffocating relationships feel like. Rajjo’s monologue about what a girl’s problem is became the talk of the town, remember? (See here:

And this time, the trailer promises all of that and much more. With quirky dialogues, realistic settings, honest observations and amazing song compositions, the movie’s message is out there- loud and clear! “Dil hai yaaaron ka, ho gaya paaro ka” playing in the background would make every guy want to jump in their seats shouting “Exactly”, while girls would be rolling in laughter because most of it is, well, umm, true!

Not delving too much into the dynamics of “relationships”, the trailer is power-packed, fun and epic. I watched it with an “OMG this is so true!” smile on my face and can’t wait to watch the whole movie. Actually, anybody who has seen the trailer can simply not wait to watch the entire movie, because it’s not just great acting but is a package of entertainment.

Watch double the fun here:



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Bhavna Mehrotra

Image Source: The Viewspaper