Questions after Dada

Questions were aroused after the news that Sourav Ganguly, at last, is now playing for the Pune Warriors. Sourav Ganguly didn’t play for the Pune Warriors in the first couple of matches, were allayed by Subrata Roy-“I picked him as a Bengali brother, but it was a week before, when Swapna got a fish-bone in her throat and he refuses to pass the glass of water. Thanks to the good lord, she is well now.”

Various other cricketers, former cricketers and prominent personalities were too interviewed in person for their respective views over this mishappening. Sachin Tendulkar, who is known for not answering questions by any other way but the bat, was insisted finally by Lata Mangeshkar, who convinced him that there was no way to answer this question with his bat, said-“Sourav has played a lot of cricket, it is an apt time for him to take retirement from all formats of the game.”

In a half an hour special report with Sunil Gavaskar on a news channel, he was asked- “What changes, according to you, Dada must meet to make a come back?” Sunil Gavaskar, confidently said-“He needs to improve his bowling, he must stay active in the field and he should bat well, as well.” “That was a very fresh perspective you have provided. How is Rohan doing by the way? Never mind! Thanks for your time!” was all that the host said then. Out of the thirty minutes of the program, twenty were filled up by advertisements among which most frequent was the new ad of ‘Delite rubber adhesives’, which after getting inspired by the hyperbolic Fevicol advertisement, sets its’ tagline as “Delite, which can prevent even ‘wiki’ from ‘leaking’. Sources said that the information about the advertisement being inspired by fevicol was found on the Wikileaks.

When asked about Ganguly’s stance by few foreign players like Andrew Flintoff, he simply refused to comment for he felt it might make Yuvraj furious and extremely mad.

Ajay Jadeja, on one of the TV shows said-“IPL is all about money. A huge fan-following players like Ganguly, should prefer his status before money.”

A news channel which later regretted this action, approached Navjot Singh Siddhu, who, started off his comments with “He is like a one-legged man in a bum kicking competition. He is like an Indian three-wheeler, which will suck a lot of diesel but cannot go beyond 30! But a team without him is like giving a kiss without a squeeze.” The rest of the interview was edited, said Wikileaks.

Rahul Dravid in a press conference showed all his sympathy and said- “A batsmen like him, who has played more than 150 tests with an average of more than 50 and who had scored more than 10000 runs in both formats of cricket, surely deserves a lot more.” “Sourav Ganguly never scored 10000 runs in test. It is probably your own record, you are reflecting” said one of the reporters from the crowd. Mr. fluent-English from nowhere began to stammer then.

Sourav Ganguly along with VVS Laxman stayed lip-locked over the entire issue. Sourav for obvious reasons and VVS, for nobody bothered to ask him.

PS: Just heard that the ‘Quiet Tiger’ finally roared for Pune and went beyond 30!

Rishabh Rai

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