Quick Facts about Mark Twain!

As we celebrate Mark twain’s birthday today, we share some interesting trivia on his life and work!

  • Prior to adopting Mark Twain as his pen name, Samuel Langhorne Clemens wrote under the pen name, Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass!
  • On the Mississippi River, ‘mark twain’ meant ‘two fathoms deep’
  • Mark twain was a cat lover. He is known to have grown up with almost 19 cats!
  • Twain was known for his stance against racism, and for supporting the abolition of slavery! However, he was oddly prejudiced against the Native Americans!
  • He was critical of organized religion, and very much in favour of labour union! He also practiced Freemasons!
  • The character of Huckleberry Finn was modeled after Twain’s boyhood friend Tom Blankenship! ‘He was ignorant, unwashed, insufficiently fed; but he had a good heart as ever as any boy had’!
  • Twain had no problems ridiculing and attacking those he didn’t like! One of his famous literary targets was James Fenimore Cooper!
  • William Faulkner called him the ‘Father of American Literature’
  • It was Mark Twain who first used the fingerprinting evidence to solve the crime in one of his fictional novels, ‘Life on the Mississippi’!
  • He died of a heart attack April 21 1910, in Redding Connecticut!