Raavan (Hindi) – A review

Some movies are hyped by the cast and crew involved. There are some that send expectations soaring with remarkable and curious trailers that give a hint of the unusual story line. Some others are promoted by the music of the film. Raavan has a blend of all the above.

Directed by Mani Ratnam, the movie was released on 18th June, 2010, in three different languages: Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. The star cast in Hindi includes Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Chiyan Vikram and Govinda.  The music and lyrics go hand in hand with A. R. Rahman and Gulzar working their magic once again. Santosh Sivan has taken cinematography to a different level.

Raavan is a film commanding mixed opinions and reviews.

The plot

Beera (Abhishek Bachchan) abducts Ragini (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), wife of a cop, Dev (Vikram), to avenge a personal insult. And so the chase begins. A few incidents hither and thither bear similarities to Ramayan, but the epic characters are entirely different from those in the movie. And so is the story line and justification. Sanjeevani (Govinda) plays a forest officer who helps Dev in rescuing his lady love. What starts with hatred, develops into a curious and unfathomable bond between Ragini and Beera.  As Abhishek Bachchan rightly pointed out, Raavan is modern day ‘Raavayan’. Finally, as to who are the actual hero and villain of the movie, is left to the viewer’s interpretation.

Ravan says…..??

Some fear him, some favour him, some admire him and some loath him. The title can only be attributed to his multi-faceted personality. However, his different traits are not distinctly depicted. Not distinct enough for the viewers to exclaim, “Ten different minds in one head!”  Whether he’s Raavan or Robin Hood becomes a rhetorical question by the end of the movie. As the movie progresses, the course of action more or less justifies his character, if not his disposition. Beera tries to convey how circumstances can bring out the good and the evil in man. The movie is more of a perspective than a message.

And they hold you captive…

The cinematography and the settings are amazing. With lush greenery, intimidating and enticing waterfalls and mesmerizing forests of Lal Maati, the movie brings out the best in nature. It makes you exclaim, “How I wish I was there!” The songs and the background scores may not be Rahman’s best, but they are still very good. You find yourself humming the tunes when you leave the theatre.  All the actors have played their roles well, but the characterizations could have been more defined. And Aishwarya has once again brought out the beauty of ‘looking natural’.

“And that, folks, is entertainment” -The Times

The settings, the action and the story line bring together a fusion of art, action and romance. It is definitely an unusual story, but it could have been made more impactful. The hype and the expectations did not go in vain. It may not be a compelling story, but it is certainly an entertaining one.  Definitely worth the money and worth a watch!

Deepashri Varadarajan

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