Raaz- The Mystery Continues (Horror)

Bhatt Inc. is at its best once again, with yet another horror flick after the super successful Bipasha Basu starrer, Raaz. For all those who think that Raaz-II is a sequel to its former counterpart, the storyline has got nothing to do with it except the chill factor.


The movie showcases one of the finest performances from its lead actors Emraan Hashmi and Kangana Ranaut. Emraan Hashmi’s role in the movie is far from his usual lover-boy image. He gives a mysterious angle to the movie and has done complete justice to his character, as is true for his co-star Kangana, who is carrying forward the league of quality acting after her blockbuster flick, Fashion. Meanwhile, debutant Adhyayan Suman has also managed to get noticed even in the presence of his highly experienced colleagues. He, too, infuses well into his character keeping the surprise element alive.


Nandita (Kangana Ranaut) is a super model who’s madly in love with Yash (Adhyayan Suman), the director and host of a TV reality show against the blind beliefs and superstitions followed in the country. Predictably enough, both of them shift into a new apartment where strange things start happening to Kangana. Here comes in Prithvi (Emraan Hashmi), a psychic painter, who cautions Kangana about the forthcoming mishappenings of her life.


As the scary incidences go on increasing in her life, Kangana decides to find out the Raaz behind them, with the help of Hashmi. They go to a place called Kalindi where they come across certain witnesses and evidences, which leads them to the truth all the strange things happening around them. It is revealed that all of this was a result of the greed and lust of some people in Kalindi itself, which was somehow related to Kangana’s life in the city.


Like most of the horror flicks, majority of the scenes are shot at night, using the dull and dark lighting which is apt according to the plot and theme of the movie. The cinematography and screenplay is also commendable with half of the movie shot in the city (probably Mumbai) and the latter half shot in the small town of Kalindi.


The background score of the movie is very good and makes you scream and shudder in your seats with every twist and every scary scene in the movie. Not to miss, the music of the movie is superb. It has been composed by four independent music directors, some of whom are complete freshers. The lyrics of the songs are catchy and the tracks are amazing to listen to.


The movie scores high on the scary quotient with some very freaky scenes. Be it Kangana almost drowning in her bath tub and injuring her wrist or a huge gang of bisons turning murderous, form people hanging in the air to a ghost arm coming out of and ATM machine, etc. – all the scenes surely instil a wave of fear into the viewer. As director Mohit Suri quotes, “Raaz will be an A-grade thriller brand with changing stories, but the supernatural element will remain.”


So here’s wishing luck to Mr. Suri. We’re surely looking forward for some more Raaz in the future


Khushboo Gupta

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