Race Begins…

us.JPGThe 56th consecutive quadrennial election for the post of United States President and Vice-President has started with Iowa caucus on January 3, 2008. Democrat Barack Obama surged to the first place in a tracking poll with 31 points, followed by John Edwards and Hillary Clinton at second and third place, respectively with 27 and 24 points. Republicans were lead by Mike Huckabee with 31 points, Mitt Romney with 25 points and others trailing far behind. After two consecutive wins by Republican G.W.Bush, this time Democrats are looking like the stronger contenders for the Presidential seat than Republicans. One of the biggest reasons for victory of a Democrat as the president is Iraq. And the two big contenders from Democrats are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

This race starts with the nomination process in the parties with first state primaries and caucuses. It is at these local events that the voters are given a chance to participate in electing the next president. At the end of the primaries, each party holds a national convention to finalize the selection of one candidate. In the convention, delegates of all the states elect a presidential candidate by majority of votes; the presidential nominee chooses a vice-president. After the convention, parties start working for the main election. On the day of elections, the voters in each state cast votes. Each state appropriates a number of electors, called Electoral College which equals to the strength of their congressional delegation. The candidate with the majority in Electoral College is elected as the president. Independent voters play important role as they have the right to vote for either the democrats or republicans. On January 19, Republicans will vote in the primary of South Carolina.

Barack Obama, after winning Iowa caucus, is seen as the potential first Black President. On the other side, even Hillary Clinton is considered to be good contender for the post of the president. In one of the recent interviews by G.W.Bush to a local TV channel, he sees Hillary Clinton as the most likely next president of the country. He feels that Hillary Clinton knows how to handle the pressure of a president as she was earleir the First lady when Bill Clinton was the President. She is well aware of the presidential problems and knows how to tackle them. But coming third in the Iowa caucus, dims her chances a bit. Even though New York senator Hillary Clinton has won the polls conducted by channels like CNN, even they admit that Obama has a slighter edge over Clinton, as she is least trusted candidate of democrats when it comes to honesty. One of the main contenders from Republican side, Rudy Giuliani, didnt focus much on Iowa and postioned 6th in the elections. However, according to his strategy, he is working hard in New York and Florida to win the elections. The election campaigning started in 2007 itself; campaiging was done through youtube, participating in prime time news channels etc. The main topic for the elections are abortion, war, immigration, lawyer polls, global warming etc.

2008 election results might come in end of 2008 only but the race has already begun in America for the 44th president of United States of America.

Anupriya Prakash