Racism Down Under

The 21st century has witnessed some great changes and intense affairs. It saw the appointment of the first black American president, economic meltdown, the Swine Flu epidemic as well as other significant matters. A recent issue that has come into the limelight is the racism taking place against Indians living in Australia. This issue has been highlighted in the public eye and is put under intense media spotlight. It has become the focus of public attention.

People travel to Australia for a variety of reasons which include further studies, vacationing and permanent settlement. Of late, the Indian community has been subjected to various assaults and physical abuse which sometimes take place in their own homes, which is a place of refuge. Innocent students, both boys and girls, are beaten, stabbed and even killed. They have become victims and targets to racist remarks and are no longer safe. They live in fear and are apprehensive of their future in this country. This is a case of extreme racism where the prejudiced Australians are showing discriminatory and abusive behaviour towards members of the Indian race.

Even though the Australian government has apologised and assures safety of Indian nationals, the victims are not convinced. Policemen and security have been given the task of giving protection and support to Indians. The criticality and delicacy of the situation is increasing everyday. It is crucial that matters are dealt with properly and wholeheartedly so that the position of things improves. The topic issue faces unusual difficulty obstacles and uncertain consequences in the future, but a definite solution must be constructed and established.

The Indian foreign minister, Mr. S. M. Krishna feels that the situation is being handled effectively and efficiently and is relatively satisfied with the state of things. Apparently, his are empty promises and false assurances as there has been no improvement in the social situation and unfortunate circumstances. Individuals are still living in danger and there is no guarantee of their safety. No measures have been taken as of now and the condition of the Indians there keeps worsening. The Indian society in Australia is being affected as we speak. This has stirred problems for the politicians and higher authorities as they are being questioned and interrogated.

Even after protests and demonstrations, the incidents and attacks continue. Indian individuals are still ill treated and discrimination on the basis of skin colour discrimination is being made without interruption. With racism taking place even among young students, who are the future leaders and generation of tomorrow, countries can never dream of flourishing. Multiculturalism should be encouraged and people should be open minded.

These mishaps have called for civil defence and vindication. In these troubled times of uncertainty, there is no room for social disregard. Instead of fights and opposition, people should unite and come together to handle bigger problems like global warming and overcoming epidemics. Matters must be resolved and dealt with and eventually life will go back to normal. People’s priorities must be altered and petty pleasures and acts which are badly intended should not be executed. This violence and narrow mindedness must be condemned and the culprits must be severely punished. Prospective students are waiting for reassurance and hope things turn out for the better.

Nowadays, Australia is seen as a great education destination and a convenient and comparatively cheaper alternative to Indian students who wish to study abroad. Perhaps in the light of recent events, it may see a downturn in the number of foreign students and other Indian visitors. Now, one thinks twice before going there, even if he is not a student. The country has come to be associated with apprehension, doubt and fear.

Shirin Khara

[Image courtesy: http://api.ning.com/files/dFw63SrZOepZqI5i9l3MKcyDEVK7-aeMNnVFiyAxed4_/racism.jpg]