Radhika Sharma Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Sir,

Since you are well aware about the increasing crime against women in the NCR in recent years, the day when the newspaper headlines would read “A Girl in the NCR travels 50 feet Safely” ,does not lie very far. Forgive me for not acknowledging you with pleasantries because it is high time that the Government buckles up and does not handle such incidents with mere easiness and civility. Despite of the massive steps addressed by the authorities, the line graph of such events seems to rise exponentially. And, now that all the Government Officials have done there bit to reduce such atrocities against the fair sex leading to hardly any noticeable consequence, I, with your permission, would like to give some inputs..


  • First of all, stop blaming the victim of such abomination!! It takes a hell of a nerve to report such heinousness to the Police and backfiring at the victims will only discourage the case. It’s not easy to muster up the courage to voice the ruthlessness one has witness. These victims require empathy and pulverizing their emotions is only a sign of lost humanity. Such incidents only lead us to wonder whether the Police,today, have any tact or not, whatsoever!
  • Vigilance of the Police Authorities is also a major issue. Monitoring the area where the crimes against women are at peak should be monitored with utter vigilance. A mere indication of today’s eve teasing can be tomorrow’s brutal rape case. The nonchalant attitude of the “policewallahs” will not improve the condition. If you monitor a specific area with a CCTV camera, a pair of eyes must monitor the video screen as well, because that’s how it works.
  • The frequency of patrolling should be increased especially at rape/assault prone areas. Even if these patrols don’t wipe these crimes completely, the culprits will at least think twice before committing such a barbarous crime. If these miscreants are caught in the act, under no condition should they be bailed out and should face a proper so that there is no next time.
  • Women, on the other hand, should be educated and trained on self defense. Frequent campaigns in wide numbers should be arranged to depart this knowledge. They should be confident enough to tackle the situation if they are harassed by a single attacker. Women should be aware about the safety procedures and every individual must have a hotline number (with preferably none or the least hold waiting time) handy to contact to report such a situation.
  • Domestic violence, rape and assault are not the only form of crime against women in India. Acid is cheap, easily available and it can destroy her life, kill her or maim her permanently. The least that can be done to reduce the availability of concentrated or corrosive acids is to regulate their sale .Less availability will result in less misuse. Only authorized individuals or organizations should be able to buy such products to prevent their misuse.

All of the above bullets can be wrapped in a single package called Corruption and enough has been said about it earlier. I hope you will understand the understated.

Anticipating a change towards a better and a safer Nation.

Thanks & Regards,

Radhika Sharma

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.