Raees Is Our Only Hope, Dilwale Is A Drag


No! We are not a mouth-peice for all those fundamental Hindu, Gujarati and religious organisations who are venturing to ban SRK’s Dilwale on various grounds. Allegations of SRK not providing charity money for Maharashtra drought-struck farmers are in the air. Well, he did give a sumptuous amount of charity for Chennai floods, but this is of no concern to us as long efforts are put for the benefits of humanity. What isn’t doing any good for humanity are movies like Dilwale. And here is why we think Dilwale should be banned.

An actor like SRK who has made his mark in Bollywood and the whole world with his sheer hard work, earning the title of ‘King’ is expending himself in movies as unnecessary as Dilwale, which are a waste of time and money. Getting a mention in Barack Obama’s speech is a spectacle as any other, something that only SRK can do. The US President voiced his hopes for a successful India in the actor. And the disaster that Dilwale was, these hopes can be seen being washed down the drain.

Dilwale should be banned so that the money that is being put in blasting cars and dance sequences in exotic locations can be put to better use; better use of script and story writers who can produce a hard-hitting movie that doesn’t make the audience feel remorse and regret. Speaking of hard-hitting, we haven’t lost all our hopes in SRK yet. Raees teaser trailer is creating quite the stir. And we, with caution have bet our money on Raees for the revival of the Devdas and the Chak De India! SRK that we fell in love with in the first place. The SRK who can touch our hearts with his dialogues. The SRK who can make millions believe in a fairytale-love. Not someone who features in a not-so-hilarious romantic comedy. Movies of this kind extract nothing from the actor.

Dilwale should be banned because there’s a certain affinity that we Indians and movie lovers all over have attached to the SRK-Kajol duo. And millions are leaving theatres dejected, after having seen the bland romance between the two. Such movies should be forbidden from production because these are exhausting the energy of an actor who brought laurels to our country. As well as exhausting the hard-earned money of the common man. Movies like Dilwale will never make it to the personal DVD collection of any individual. Are they of any good to the industry?

However, SRK fans are loyal as ever. After having suffered the immense torture of Dilwale, they are enthusiastically rooting for Raees. Fan made trailer videos of the movie have gone viral. If fans can understand the worth of SRK as an actor, why can’t filmmakers do so?

Diwale should be banned so that we save our energies and will to hear SRK say ‘Aa raha hoon!’, over and over again. And expect nothing but brilliance in all his upcoming movies.

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Aamina Rahim

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