Rage is the Purest Emotion

Rage is the purest, sanest form of human expression. Pure, because when in rage, it becomes the sole emotion and everything else ceases to exist. Sane, because, it is for once that a person can release himself or herself from the shackles of civilization and demonstrate true angst, raise the real voice. It is an all-consuming emotion; when in rage, you feel no other emotion. Rage is also the truest of all emotions experienced in this world. Nobody lies when in rage all the thoughts and feelings that stayed repressed throughout choose to reveal themselves in the moment of rage. People speak the complete truth for once, when rules of reason and civility cease to oppress their thoughts from form and expression.

Creativity is at its best at such moments as well the most powerful works of famous artists, musicians and writers have been fuelled by their inner rage. Only, their form of revealing has been significantly less destructive than those who have resorted to violence, on self or on others, as a way to release their rage.

Rage builds up over time, over many moments of repression where the mind is forced into a subdued state, against its wishes. All the negativity that doesn’t receive an outlet and begins to collect and get linked together over a period of time. But subjugation is not an eternal solution. No matter how hard you hold down the lid on all your negative thoughts, there will always come a time when it will all come exploding out of the box in the corner of your mind, and unleash all the truth into the world. Eventual, yes, and inevitable.

What remains at the end of rage is a lost soul unaware of the destruction it was responsible for, because no one tells us what to do after an outburst. Society teaches us to stay calm and forever attempt to remain in control of our emotions. Society knows what a farce that is, yet it refuses to overcome the denial, and help people find their way back into sanity after rage.

At the end of rage, all that remains is a hollow shell within the mind of a lonely, frightened person who requires, but does not receive, an outstretched hand to support him to return to his senses.

Aiswarya Gopan