Ragging is Banned; We Now Have “The Interactive Session”

Delhi University is probably one of the hottest campuses as far as ragging is concerned. Freshers who join a college in DU are scared like hell, thinking about what will happen to them when they are ragged. When I joined the campus last year, I was skeptical too. For there were various rumors about what one can be asked to do, including lap dances, gay scenes, and some things even as absurd as proposing to ants till they accept.

Fortunately, I had already made a friend during the time of admission procedures in the college. It was one of those times where you meet a person and you know that you have no idea what is going to happen next, but you both will be there for each other, even though you are strangers. This is how when “interactive sessions” help the most. Freshers are scared, but they bond over the that scary feeling. The mental support given to each other is enough to start a long lasting friendship. I am still amazing friends with that girl, and I am sure we’ll be there for each other for life.

When our seniors entered the class, the first thing we noticed was how they were all hugging each other. They were finally meeting after their vacations and they couldn’t seem to get enough of each other. It was a relief to know that our seniors were human after all 😉 . They started off by giving us their introduction. Now that was something I wasn’t expecting at all. They were being sweet as well as courteous, contrary to all our fears.

After this, our seniors told us the concept of an interactive session. No one would force us to do anything. We were free to refuse to do an activity, we were free to leave the class if we were uncomfortable. But whatever they asked us to do would be only for fun. They said it would help us to open up to them and be friends with them. Personally, I was still skeptical about what they would ask us to do.

But as it turned out, it was fun. They asked us to stand on benches and give introductions, to dance, to sing, to act. There wasn’t one thing that could be considered even remotely insulting. And our seniors, well they made sure they themselves were a part of most of the activities, so that we were not uncomfortable at all. When we danced for them, they danced for us. When we fake proposed to them, they fake accepted our proposals. And suddenly, we were left with nothing but happy memories of our first day in college. New friends were made, not only amongst ourselves, but also with our seniors.

Ragging in any form is morally very wrong and humiliating. But as for interactive sessions, I can only say, I am more than glad I was a victim of one. It gave me a glimpse of how cheerful my college life would be. And more than anything else, it gave me friends for life. 

Vaanya Kathuria

The author is a student, currently pursuing B.Sc. (H) in Mathematics. Apparent from her choice of the subject she am majoring in, she loves to solve puzzles and brainteasers in her free time. She is an avid follower of fiction and is nuts about anything even remotely poetic. She is a professional freelance content writer and is intensely passionate about writing. Most of her time is devoted to the Internet where she tries to make the most out of it, for personal as well as professional purposes.