Rahul Gandhi a Potential Candidate for the Next PM

Rahul Gandhi a rising political youth icon and a renowned face who is most of the time surrounded by the media for his “noble acts”. The much talked about next potential candidate from congress to be the PM is said to be Mr. Gandhi. The question arise that why and how in such short span of time this youth political star is seen as a potential candidate to be the next PM?

In his career span of about less than 10 years he has been elected twice as the MP and has developed interest in “Aam Aadmi” difficulties and especially underprivileged class that is poorest of the poor. By practically sensing the difficult conditions in which this class lives, he not only wants to emulate the living conditions of the “Aam Admi “ to the level of feasible and practical standard of living, but also wants to reform the cultural and educational standard of this class. Working on the lines of the “Aam Aadmi” and “Dalits” this youth star has done wonders in a short span and has portrayed to be the “maseeha” of the common man.

He is seen as a public idol and the one free from corruption. One can say that his PR image is all set to be the next PM. These reasons not only justify his grounded feet in politics but also is a result of his charming personality and his popular long lived family legacy. The PM post has been a natural curse to the family as all have witnessed unnatural death except Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.

On this note one can assume that is this the reason for Sonia’s denial to the post? But the question remains unanswered. At present Rahul Gandhi who visits the houses of Dalits, eats their food and sleeps in their homes was beleaguered with a lot of controversies as many thought of it as a PR stunt. But justifying on this he says that he wants to get experience and know how poor people live and what difficulties one faces in dealing with such situations. His visits are extensively covered by media is justified by him “is not his fault and he practice austerity in public life”.

He wants to lead a life of the common man by being one of them, but the reality is that he cannot be the common man. Every attempt of his to be more like the commen man and be closer to him he is perceived as a hero and put on a higher pedestal. Though in views of many he acts according to his wish but at the same time many think that his PR has a lot to do with his actions.

The recent case like the much talked about “Anna Hazare movement – for eradication of corruption”. He fully supported the “lok pall bill” and said it is we the people who have to come together and lead the nation and further in his opinion felt that this bill is in the safe of the constitutional body like the election commission.

A wise thinker, an intellect one who is a deserving candidate with a will of shaping country’s bright future is opposed by the opposition who has a say “Rahul Baba is too young for the post.” But his father also held the post in the same age and received a lot of public adulation. How India transformed and grew under Rajiv Gandhi is for all to see.

Snigdha Verma