Ram Jethmalani Uncle hai hai!

Well the title must have left you with one expression…ewww…. what a pain in arse this headline is, similar on the guidelines of not so vibrant ‘eunuchs’.

But I thought that this is the best way to reflect my opinion — in style.

Manu Sharma, Jessica Lal and now Ram Jethmalani have been and were in the very recent past the talk of the town. Sagarika Ghose’s subtle voice and Rajdeep Sardesi’s staunch words – A CNN-IBN way to fight for Jessica Lal or better off a struggle to maintain their image, which was left in no man’s land by the most reputed lawyer recently in the Devil’s Advocate.

Jethmalani said Manu Sharma is innocent. Evidences argued he is not. Media got the bait.

Lighting candles at India Gate, SMS campaigns, and a lot more… just to get Jessica (resting in peace) JUSTICE. I totally respect the initiatives.

Many would disagree if I be a bit harsh to claim that what the media did was a TRP stunt and the candles which were being lit were helping none but the ‘Candle Sellers’, who recently must have had an increase in sales manifolds… accolades to the candle ceremonies, inspired by or an inspiration for our very own 6 men saga of an awakened generation ‘Rang De basanti’.

Jessica was a model, obviously hot! (I am a man for god sake). So the first question of the hour – Why did Manu Sharma kill such a svelte beauty? “She stood against his ego” – you all will answer.

This is what you have been told by the evidences and not so proud witnesses.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the version I am aware of.

Now let me get down to what an eminent columnists of Hindustan Times, Karan Thapar says – “Manu Sharma is a citizen, Ram Jethmalani a lawyer. If Jessica deserves justice, so does Manu Sharma. Why keep Manu barred of the minimal luxury (if you call is so) of a ‘Fair Trial’?

Lets not question his credibility, just because out of the blue, we have developed a soft corner for the deceased model.

I am not against Jessica, but why do you want me to be against MANU?

Gaurav Alagh